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"Wax Works"

a Handbook for Beekeepers

Tell me, where does Bees Wax come from? Now you know!

Wax Works Handbook


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($40 one time pay. This is a pdf E-book, all sales final.)

Tell me, what do you know about "Bees Wax"?

And the room falls silent. This is a common theme in our Sustainable Beekeeping classes. We often hear the follow question; "Where does Bees Wax come from?" Don't laugh, people want to know. They've got to start somewhere. Did you know, that many Beekeepers don't even know WHERE the "wax" comes from? True! They've simply never been taught. Again, they must start somewhere. Or, this question; "Where do the Bees get their wax?" We've heard these questions and many similar questions many times, in regards to Bees Wax.

Even more importantly, as a Beekeeper, do you know how to manage your Bees Wax, smartly and wisely? Bees Wax is a precious commodity and rather expensive to buy. As a Beekeeper, you soon learn, that buying sheets of "wax foundation" over and over again, can be a big cost. A huge pinch to the pocket book over time.  

How about this idea? Lets learn how to manage all of this precious Bees Wax smartly, and in a more "sustainable" fashion.

Blocks of wax, are golden. Not only in color, but value!

This E book is packed with Tips, Strategies, diagrams, video links, resources, how to's, and tons more. 113 pages, covering everything from how Bees make their Wax, to pressing your own "wax foundation", where to buy the "Wax Press", how to order bulk wax, wax cleaning strategies, tricks to building new comb, tips in ordering new foundation, and much, much more. This is a big one! Loaded with important strategies that can make a huge difference for you in your Sustainable Beekeeping efforts. Packed with value and heavy in strategies.

Once you've ordered, we'll send out your "Wax Works" handbook to your email address provided. This is a PDF file format, that you can download, read and study as you have time. If you ever have questions, give us a shout. You'll find our contact info on the face page of this website. If you aren't sure, ask!

If you like what we do here and want our help or ongoing guidance, you might consider plugging into our Personal Advisor Service. The learning curve in Beekeeping can be very high. Having a solid, private coaching system helps to reduce such a high learning curve. Something to consider.

Thank you for learning from us! We hope to make a big difference for you and your bees. Raise your Bee IQ, by learning how to manage your "Bees Wax" in a more sustainable fashion, gaining the maximum mileage possible.

Sincerely, Ken

Do you know how to clean your blocks of wax?

What do you do with all these blocks of wax? For us, we use it to make new foundation.

Do you know what

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