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Field Clinics

Here's a great opportunity to learn some deeper Beekeeping skills. Attend a "Field Clinic", watch and learn. Investing in your beekeeping education and success is extremely important in order for you to understand what you're seeing and what to do about what you see. This is a chance to see beekeeping work "hands on". You can read hundreds of books and watch tons of videos. But until you actually get to SEE how a Beekeeper analyzes the colonies and make adjustments, it's all "theory".

Field Clinics are weather dependent. We want days with good, or at least descent weather. NO rain, or heavy clouds. Here are basic details about our popular Field Clinics.

Location held;19386 E. 595 Rd., Inola, Ok. 74036

Time; check in at 9am, we start at 10am, end by 1pm.

Date; Usually on a Saturday. However, if you prefer a week day, please let us know, and we'll schedule accordingly. Everyone is on a different time schedule and we'll adjust to this. Please let us know your preference, as we build the class roster. We'll need your full names, phone number and email address please.

Cost; $50 per person, $80 per married couple. This is a pre-paid class. Once we receive your payment, we add you to our class roster. When we have enough students for a class, we'll contact you with a class date. No worries, you'll have plenty of notice ahead of time. Yes, you can get a refund if your time frames don't work. Or, we can roll you to the next Field Clinic, whichever you prefer. To pay, click the Paypal link provided.

$60 one time pay, for a single student

$80 one time pay, for married couple

Be sure to send us your phone number & email address please.

Limited attendance; We limit each Field Clinic to 10 students or under. Minimum of 3 students to make the class go.

What Bee chores will we do? We have no idea. It's a mystery. We never know what we'll be doing until we open the colony and have a look around. But it will certainly be exciting, for sure!

Equipment needed; You must provide your own Bee Jacket and gloves. No other tools are required. Except pin and paper to take notes. No filming allowed. Taking pictures is acceptable

No Restrooms provided; we keep Field Clinics under 3 hours. There are restroom facilities in Inola town, close by.

Monthly Schedule; normally, we'll hold Field Clinics on a monthly basis. So if there's one month better for you than another, let us know which month you prefer, we'll add you to that roster.

Lunch?; you might want to bring a small lunch, water, etc. we just might have a picnic with the bees. You provide your own food & drinks. Speaking of food.......

How hungry are you to learn? If you're serious about your Beekeeping education, you might consider our Personal Advisor program or the Sustainable Beekeepers Newsletter. Click on the links provided to learn more.

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