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Student Testimonials

Our service & support is based upon the belief that our students needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire focus is committed to meeting those needs.

We've worked hard to create an excellent support/teaching/coaching system, in order to increase the students "Bee IQ", as quickly as possible. If you'd like to "plug into" an excellent coaching/support system, click the following link; Personal Advisor Program

As a result, a high percentage of our business is from testimonials and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

With permission from each student, we've included some of their comments below.

from Bob Donohoo, 03/04/21, Oklahoma City area.

"Ken, let there be no doubt that your teaching has had an incredible impact on how I keep bees. While I have reduced my hive count in order to move out of OKC, I am ready to increase them from here. The basics of what you teach, the very foundation that you provide has put me in a position where I have never lost all my bees, successfully split hives, stood in the middle of a gathering swarm with delight, and get the pleasure of watching people smile as they purchase truly clean honey. What a pleasure it is to apply the principles you have passed along.

This day I call myself a bee keeper because of you.

I pray the Lord blesses your journey.

(I plan on coming out for some refresher courses.)"

from Gene Cushion, May 2020, Dallas, Texas area

"Oh My Word, !! Ken and Kelli’s teaching format is wonderful! Monthly conference calls, monthly informative news letters, texting, eMailing, set phone appointments,,..,, What more could you ask for from 14 year veteran BeeKeeper ! ? !

Other than his principled structured methods, what attracted me to his beekeeping style was his use of essential oils instead of harsh chemicals. I’ve been a student of his for two years and if you want to take your beekeeping skills to the next three levels, now is the time to get onboard and ride your Bee I.Q. skyward.."

from Keith Karcher, May 2020, Central Oklahoma area

"They have a Personal Advisory program that have monthly conference calls. The information and knowledge shared by Ken is priceless. He has helped me unselfishly every time I have asked!! Everyone should use this!"

from Warren Higginbotham, Jan 2020, N.E. Oklahoma area

"Attended the first ZOOM MTG class: Colony Management and Strategies f0r Winter. Great presentation. Lots of useful information. Good Stuff. Ken was open to more questions not specific but generally related to the subject at hand. When asked to go over the material again, he did so, making sure everyone understood the message. Illustrations were great, was able to copy anything I wanted in my notes. Using these strategies, one should be able to come out with more Bees in the Spring.

BEEing ahead!

Looking forward to the next ZOOM Mtg. It was GREAT!"

from James Miller, May 2020, Southern Oklahoma area

"I have been involved in the personal advisor program for four years. Ken has helped me with my bee knowledge in a most valuable way. He is always available by text and phone conversations can be scheduled quickly. It is impossible to list ways Ken has helped me. Just finished my fourth winter without a loss of one hive. I now have sixteen hivesbeginning from two hives without purchasing a single new . Thanks Ken and Kelly."

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