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Acoustic Beekeeping with the

Apivox Smart Monitor

Apivox Auditor overview

Powerful. Accurate. Exciting. The Apivox Auditor is a sound diagnostic tool that allows us to understand what the colony is experiencing at any moment in time. Bees speak to each other through vibrat...

Learn to

Did you know, that Bees "vibrate" to each other, in order to communicate?

Did you know that Honey Bees communicate through various vibration signals? What if we could learn to interoperate and then read these signals? We can!

Learning to listen to our Honey Bee colonies is a vital skill and needs to be taught across the country.

Apivox is a multi-function diagnostic listening tool.

Apivox Smart Monitor, is a multi-function tool. Much like a Swiss Army knife. Learning how to use these various functions can help us determine the current status of the colony. Giving us a much deeper insight into the colony.

Apivox Smart Monitor, has multiple functions, that can aid the Beekeeper, in determining the current status of the colony. We only get about 10% of the info, through visual inspections. The remaining knowledge, 90%, comes from Acoustic analysis.

What does Apivox hear?

Apivox Smart Monitor listens to the colony, and then analyzes the various Hertz levels.

Apivox can distinguish various levels of sounds & their intensity.

Then, interpret these sounds by correlating and comparing them. And finally, gives us this information in the form of various dials & graphs.

Very cool indeed!!

Apivox Smart Monitor can listen to the entire colony, much like listening to a Choir of singers. And then analyze what it hears. And then, gives us feedback in the form of dials and graphs.

.......this makes us "3rd party" eves droppers! Listening in on their conversations!

What are the Bees saying? Learn to eves drop in on your colonies of Honey Bees? The Apivox Smart Monitor is a listening device that aids the Beekeeper in listening to their Bees.

How to read your

Apivox Smart Monitor;

Dividing the Apivox screen into thirds.

Apivox Smart Monitor is easy to read. Divided into three segments.

Before use, we must confirm our

"Bee Signals" vs "Wind Noise".

This is called a "blow test", into the Mic that you're using. Once the Mic picks up the "Bee Signals", it should look similar to the picture, lower left.

We must also know the difference between a

Learning to read the X-axis scale of sounds is easy.

There are many advantages in using the Apivox Smart Monitor. See our Beekeeping Class Schedule on this site, for up coming classes. Learn more!

A "Quick Reference" list of definitions at key Hertz levels. 

Some are "ranges", others more specific. It's still up to the skilled Beekeeper to "compare & correlate" the readings they see on their Apivox, at the same time, taking into account of the local environmental conditions. Putting all of this information together, is much like a "puzzle". Once completed, we gain an over all "picture" of the colonies condition, and what they're currently experiencing.

Here's one example of a test in "General Condition Mode".

The technology is now here, to listen to our Honey Bee colonies. The Apivox Smart Monitor is a listening device that aids the beekeeper in understanding the colonies current status and needs.

Did you know, that the Bees will give us a 2-3 weeks heads up BEFORE Swarming?

Plenty of time to gather equipment & create a plan of action.

Apivox Auditor, Swarm Control mode

Apivox Auditor, Swarm Control mode allows us to determine if the colony is in a Passive state. This could possibly be a strong indication of a potential swarming event. We can run other Apivox tests...

Eddy Woods Timeline

& how to read it.

A swarming event, takes almost a month to build up. By using our Apivox, we're better able to "get out ahead of" the Bees desire to Swarm away!

Eddy Woods timeline, is NOT negotiable. Do you know what it is, and how to use it? If not, best learn.

Did you know, if you "thump" the side of the brood box with your hand, the colony will Hiss at you?

The "quality of the Hiss", tells us a great deal about their current status. We call this a "thump tests", and is completed AFTER our quiet Apivox testing.

Apivox tests 1st, Thump tests 2nd.

What do bees sound like that are stable? that are about to swarm?

What does the Hiss mean?

The higher the hiss & shorter the duration = Stable colony. Versus, the softer the hiss & longer the duration = Unstable colony, preparing to Swarm soon.

Better to be too early, than too late.

Wouldn't you agree?

You're on your heels. The bees will give you several very solid signals that they're about to swarm. Do you know how to read Eddy Woods timeline?

My point?

By learning how to read "Eddy Woods Timeline" and learning to use the "Apivox Smart Monitor"...... together, we're better able to determine the current condition of the colony & much more!


Once I've confirmed the colony is in "Swarm Mode", I could let them "play out" and build me some Swarm Cells, to harvest a few weeks or days later. Or, if I could go ahead and perform my preferred "Swarm Prevention Strategy". Either way, I'm now out ahead of my Bees, strategically speaking.


If the colony is "stable" and shows no signs of being in Swarm Mode, I can now plan to add the next Super, provided the lower box is nearly full.

Where do we take our sound readings?

We test most often on the Porch entrance, between 11am to 2pm, when most of the large Field Bees are out.

Do you know what the


Do you know why and where we should listen to our bees? They'll tell you much about what's happening inside, if you'll learn to listen.

Testing on top, in the evening,

tells us much about the days Nectar gathering efforts.

Testing on top of the colony under a blanket, or

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You have 4 different choices. We prefer using our Bluetooth Ear piece, to test on the porch. This allows us to remain cord-less, as we stand behind the hive and take our readings.

Do you know how to listen to your bees?

Apivox gives us 4 different listening strategies. We prefer using the Bluetooth device. A very powerful strategy.

System Requirements?

  • Apivox is about a 4 gb download.

  • Designed for only Android devices. Cell phones or tablets.

  • We use a Samsung Galaxy E tablet and a small Galaxy cell phone, both Android devices.

  • Must be Android version 4.5 or higher.

  • Tip - If you don't already have an Android device, you can easily find used Android Cell phones on Craigslist, for very little money.

  • You must have a gmail account address for purchase.

  • A "Users Manual" is also sent with purchase.

  • If there are any errors during download, please take a SnapShot of message and return send to Serjio Glebskij. He will correct & resend.

  • In order to "download", you must be connected to a wi-fi system.

  • Once downloaded, Apivox DOES NOT need wi-fi to work. It is a "stand alone" app.

  • Before you're able to use your Apivox, it must be "balanced". Please reference the following link; "Installing & Setup of Application"

Have we peaked your interest yet?

This was simply a quick "over view" about the Apivox Smart Monitor. Again, we've only shown you a little bit about the Apivox. 

Would you like to learn more?

If so, we can be reached at 918-798-2251 for further Questions & Answers. Our email address is; If you're within driving distance from us, you might want to attend our "Acoustic Beekeeping" class. Please see our "Beekeeping Classes" page, with a listing of various class dates. 

Want to buy your own "Apivox Smart Monitor"?

Cost for the app is only $40. It can't be found on traditional app stores. It must be ordered at the following link; Apivox Smart Monitor. 

Want to see a live example of the "Apivox Smart Monitor" at work?

Click this page link please; "Making the Connection".

Our final thoughts.....

  • Apivox is powerful & accurate. However, it's still up to the Beekeeper to understand and know what to do next.

  • Apivox is establishing itself as an entirely new Genre in Beekeeping evolution. It's here to stay!

  • Don't "get it & set it". As with most new "things", they can collect dust after the initial emotion of purchase passes. Plug into our classes, or give us a call on the phone. We'll be glad to help you understand much more.

  • Apivox came onto the market in July of 2016. Since this time, we've taught & helped many new and older Beekeepers, just like you. We can be reached at 918-798-2251 or via email at

  • To the doubters and skeptics out there; you're simply missing out. You certainly don't have to have an Apivox Smart Monitor in order to be a sound Beekeeper, but it sure does make life a little easier! Apivox is solid.

  • If you're seriously interested in learning much more from us, please consider plugging into the Personal Advisor Program. Our most popular service to date. A private coaching/support system, designed to increase your "Bee IQ" rapidly and thereby reduce the massive "learning curve" you'll face in your Beekeeping efforts. Please take the time to read more about the Personal Advisor Program, and all the VALUE that we've packed into this service. If you have questions, give me a shout.

 Thank you for taking the time to read & learn!

We don't think you'll be disappointed.

Sincerely, Ken

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