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All About Bee Pollen

(This is an E-book)

Did you know, that the color of the Honey, is gained mostly by the type of Pollen the bees bring into their house?

All About Bee Pollen


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($40 one time pay. This is a pdf E-book, all sales final.)

This is a subject I love teaching and talking about! For thousands of years, Honey Bees have gathered Pollen, in order to meet their nutritional needs inside the hive. They’re certainly good at doing so. The beauty of this system, is not only the pollination of the flowers, etc. It’s the fact that the Bees bring in tons & tons of “excess” Pollen. Much more than they’ll ever consume, in the near term anyway. They’ll certainly store up great amounts in excess, for use later. This is a good thing. The Bees use this Pollen, to feed their Larva for proper growth. Without the Pollen, the colony tends to be “stunted” in growth, or perish altogether. It’s this delicate balance of “gathering & storing” vs “harvesting”, that a Beekeeper must learn how to manage.

For the Beekeeper, who knows how to do so, “pollen harvesting” can become an extremely important bi-product from the Honey Bee colony. It’s not hard to do, just rather uncommon. Strange this. My feeling is, that many, many beekeepers just aren’t taught how to do so. Hence, the purpose of this E-book. We hope to expose you to a fascinating part of Beekeeping; harvesting Bee Pollen. There’s many reasons for learning how to do so. We’ll teach you what we do and how we do it. You’ll learn more as the years go by. For now, we’ll assume that you know nothing about “harvesting bee pollen”, and start you off from the very beginning.

This is by far, one of my favorite parts of Beekeeping! Bee Pollen is easy to harvest. Easy to process. Easy to sell. And makes twice the amount of revenue, versus selling Honey. (what did he just say?) Yes, Bee Pollen commands a premium and generates twice the revenue, per pint, versus selling Honey. The need is there. The market is there. The demand is there. The gap, is in the beekeeping community. We’re just not teaching Beekeepers, how to get serious about harvesting Bee Pollen, or why they should do so. It goes way beyond making money. Yes, the money is nice. But more importantly, it’s the benefit to the people, that makes the most difference and is the most satisfying.

Once you've ordered, we'll send "All About Bee Pollen" E-book to your email address provided. This is a PDF file format, that you can download, read and study as you have time. If you ever have questions, give us a shout. You'll find our contact info on the face page of this website. If you aren't sure, ask!

If you like what we do here and want our help or ongoing guidance, you might consider qualifying for our Personal Advisor Service. The learning curve in Beekeeping can be very high. Having a solid, private coaching system helps to reduce such a high learning curve. Something to consider.

Thank you for learning from us! We hope to make a big difference for you and your bees. Raise your Bee IQ by learning how to use Essential Oils on your colonies, versus traditional pesticide treatments.

Sincerely, Ken

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