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Monthly Raffle for our 

Personal Advisor Members

Each month, at the end of our Personal Advisor Conference Call Session, we'll h​old a Raffle.  The "raffle item" will be different each month. Or may be the same as last month. You never know.  To participate in the P.A. Raffle, you must be a Personal Advisor Member and attend the Conference Call live. You must be in LIVE attendance to win.  If a name pops up, and the member is not in attendance (we can see all names in the Conference Call), we will continue the Raffle until a LIVE Member wins said item.  Ie, a mated Italian Queen, or a Beekeeping tool(s), or Bee Book, or Dinner Gift Card (ie, Texas Roadhouse, Chilis, Cheese Cake Factory, etc). You get the idea.  If you aren't already a Personal Advisor Member, why are you waiting?  Join today!  Click the link above & subscribe now! You just might win something cool next month.  

You can't win, if you don't join live.

The picture above is for EXAMPLE purposes only.

The Winner for July is.....

Congrats to Berry Thomas!  He won a Texas Roadhouse gift card.  Eats on us Sir!  Enjoy! 

Thank you for attending the LIVE Conference Call session for Aug 2022. 

(pssst!  a hint;  did you know, that Texas Roadhouse will cut any size Filet Mignon you want? Just ask the waiter/waitress.)  I get the 16 oz Fillet, medium rare.  Left overs to take home.  

Steak & eggs the next morning.  

Just sayin.! 

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