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Sustainable Queen Rearing Handbook for Beekeepers

Creating some new Queens is exciting! No doubt about it. When you learn these valuable, sustainable skills, things change for the better. It's also a good feeling to know, you'll never run out of bees again. We teach non-traditional Sustainable Queen Rearing principles and skills that anyone can use. You simply don't know how to do so....yet. But once learned, no one can take these skills away from you. We like this very much. We hope you will also.

Queens are constantly groomed and fed. The Bees around her, are called the

Sustainable Queen Rearing Handbook for Beekeepers


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($40 one time pay. This is a pdf E-book, all sales final.)

As a corporate body of beekeepers, our country suffers from a terribly low "Bee IQ". No matter if you've been a beekeeper for 20 years, or 2 months, you can still learn a great deal more about Sustainable Queen Rearing, in order to create more colonies. We wrote this handbook with this concern in mind.

These are the very same "principles & protocols" that we teach our Apprentice students in the field. They get to see this in action, "hands on". However, you may live several states away, and not able to travel to us for a class on this subject. This "handbook" was written for just such a person.

We've put together a power packed handbook for beekeepers who want to learn these strategies & apply them to their bees. Loaded with various Sustainable Queen Rearing strategies that we continue to use on our Bees to date. Once these skills are learned, no one can take them away from you. We find this to be very satisfying indeed.

Once you've ordered, we'll send out your "Sustainable Queen Rearing Handbook for Beekeepers", to your email address provided. This is a PDF file format, that you can download, read and study as you have time. If you ever have questions, give us a shout. You'll find our contact info on the face page of this website. If you aren't sure, ask!

If you like what we do here and want our help or ongoing guidance, you might consider qualifying for our Personal Advisor Service. The learning curve in Beekeeping can be very high. Having a solid, private coaching system helps to reduce such a high learning curve. Something to consider.

Thank you for learning from us! We hope to make a big difference for you and your bees. Raise your Bee IQ by learning how to use various Sustainable Queen Rearing strategies on your colonies, in order to create more great Honey Bee colonies.

Sincerely, Ken

I like to ask new students; Tell me, what do you know about Honey Bees? You can hear a pin drop. The learning never stops. Consider our Personal Advisor Program, for private coaching, advice, guidance and increase your

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