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The Wax Warm Hook

If you've been a Beekeeper for any length of time, you already know what a "Wax Warm" is and the damage that they can cause. The problem is, that they're tucked so deep into the comb, they're hard to remove when found. Well not now! We've taught many of our students how to use the "Wax Warm Hook" in order to gain easy access to such destructive little Warms. Or their might be Wax Moth Cocoons tucked down in the comb. They're hard to get at, and we don't want to destroy too much comb in doing so. This is the perfect tool for quickly removing such unwanted Pests. Order yours today!

Wax Warm Hook

The perfect tool for removing those hard to get at Wax Warm Cocoons & larva, without destroying lots of comb.

The benefits are many;

  • Easy to use

  • Less comb destroyed

  • Quickly removes Cocoons deep in the comb

  • Wax Warms are easily flicked out of comb

  • Cleans the lower groove of frames easily

  • Comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand

  • Saves more comb for the Bees

Please watch the video below, as we harvest comb and clean some frames. This gives you a good feel for the powerful leverage that this simple tool offers. A "must have" for a serious Beekeeper. 

1 Harvesting old comb

Harvesting old comb and wax can yield a great deal of clean wax later. Some of the old black brood comb simply needs to be thrown away. Learn to analyze each frame in order to know what to do.

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