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"How to Obtain Honey Bees;

Tips & Strategies"

If you haven't already heard, Beekeeping is HOT, HOT, HOT! This is a good thing. But only if you can come up with the "Bees" to keep. This renaissance in Beekeeping, has created the "perfect storm" for a serious "supply vs demand" issue. There are thousands of beekeepers across our country, coming into Beekeeping each month. The demand for Honey Bees is incredibly hot! Therefore, it makes it very difficult to obtain a start of Honey Bees. On the flip-side, if you could come up with a handful of strategies for obtaining Honey Bees, you'd stand a higher likely hood for getting off to a great start!

How to Obtain Honey Bees


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($40 one time pay. This is a pdf E-book, all sales final.)

Did you know, that many years ago, you could easily order Honey Bees and Queens out of the "Sears" catalog? A common practice. Long gone, are the days of easy sourcing. Therefore, you have no choice but to come up with various strategies in obtaining Honey Bees. Some folks, come into Bees easily. This is great! Most, have a much harder time. We get many calls for Bees and how to get started. Again, a good thing. But only if you can OBTAIN such a valuable resource.

We felt strongly compelled to put various "Tips & Strategies" for obtaining a start of Honey Bees, in the form of a pdf E-book. We've put much thought and effort into all the various strategies, that we could think of, in order for you to obtain a start of Honey Bees. There might even be a few more that we've missed. As it is, you'll have an entire "smorgasbord" of choices to consider. If given proper thought and strategizing, you ought to be able to come up with some great starts of Honey Bees. Pick and choose the strategies that you like the most. Put together a combination of strategies. Create your own system for obtaining Honey Bees. You're good to go! Over 150 pages & 25 chapters of ideas, strategies, stories and tips. Includes diagrams and pictures for examples and instruction. We've packed in a truck load of "value" for this E-book.

Important Note! – This E-book does not list resources to “buy bees”. Although “buying bees” is talked about here, we did not include a list of resources to purchase bees for a specific reason. Our goal here, is to teach you how to “think strategically” in order to come up with a great start of Honey Bees. We’ve included many such “strategies & tips” in order for you to find a great start of Honey Bees. Our passion is teaching “Sustainable Beekeeping” and in so doing, these “strategies” can be employed over and over again. Please read the entire E-book in order to get a good feel for what you can do. Everyone is different, and this is fine. Some like one strategy, others like another. You’re “skill” or “ability” to come up with great starts of Honey Bees is a KEY to becoming successful in your Beekeeping efforts.

If you'd like to learn more, click on the "Buy Now" link above. Once we receive your order, we'll deliver this popular pdf E-book to your e-mail address given. Download and begin reading. You now have an extremely valuable resource for various "tips & strategies" to consider. Read and study as your time permits. If you should have questions for us, you'll find our "contact info" on our Home page of this website. We hope we've made a difference for you.

Sincerely, Ken & Kelli Davis

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