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The $5 Monthly Newsletter

Taking the confusion out of Beekeeping.

Take the confusion out of your Beekeeping efforts. Consider our Personal Advisor Program. A great way to increase your

Have a good look at the picture above. This is how many beekeepers must feel when they come into beekeeping. I know I did. Confused. Frustrated. Not sure which piece goes where. The learning curve in Beekeeping is massive. Increasing your "Bee IQ", is a real challenge.

($5.00 monthly Subscription)

(This is ONLY for the Monthly Educational Newsletter. Which includes powerful "Tips-n-Tricks", along with videos on how-to, each month. If however, you aren't sure yet, you can request a FREE SAMPLE of this popular Newsletter. Shoot us an e-mail to; and in the subject line enter; "FREE sample Newsletter request". We'll gladly send you ONE free example of what you'd receive on a monthly basis.)

But what if, …. just what if, you could have a flow of information coming at you, on a monthly basis? Timely info, that was pertinent to the current month that the bees are in, and what they're likely doing. What would it mean to you, to have valuable "tips & tricks", protocols, and strategies, sent to you on a monthly basis? What if, you got solid strategies, each month, with "bee principles" to learn and a few teaching videos to go with each Tip? Would this make a difference for you in raising your "Bee IQ", and hopefully taking a lot of the confusion and frustration out of your beekeeping efforts? Would you be interested, in receiving such valuable information, on a monthly basis?  Would this pique your interest?

Sadly, beekeeping isn't free. You either pay on the front end, or you pay a much BIGGER price on the back end. A lack of knowledge, can cost you big time, on the back end. I prefer to think, that a smaller cost, on the front end, will help to avoid a much larger cost, on the BACK END. All of my other students would agree, and are already gaining from our Educational Newsletter with teaching principles and a few learning videos, sent to them on a monthly basis.

Our goal, …our passion, is to help you increase your "Bee IQ". In order to accomplish this, we must digest smaller bites of information, on a monthly basis. It's very difficult to eat an Elephant all in one bite. But rather, by taking smaller bites, over time, we accomplish the same task. This is our purpose with just such an "interactive newsletter". There is a great deal to learn in beekeeping. The learning curve is massive. In order to knock this down significantly, you must begin to digest SMALLER bites of information, over months and years. You can even learn at your own pace, as you have the appropriate time to read and watch the teaching videos included in the newsletter.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in receiving, click on the "Subscribe" button provided above & fill out the requested information. We'll then add you to our mailing list. This is a subscription service for $5.00 monthly. Once we see your order come through, we'll gladly add you to our quickly growing list of members, and even experienced beekeepers. 

What are some of the advantages to receiving such a newsletter? Much, in many ways. Here are a few key benefits to think about:

  • You'll learn key "bee principles" that are so vital to anyone's success in Beekeeping. Bee Principles, are non-negotiable in beekeeping. These are things that the bees do, day in, day out, month in, month out. Year after year. You must learn approximately 42 Bee Principles, in order to become a solid beekeeper.

  • Some people, like myself, are "visual learners". Once we actually SEE IT DONE, it's cemented in our brains. It helps our learning process greatly.

  • , while your "learning curve" goes down.

Interest yet? We hope so, since you have so much to learn. Please give the Monthly Educational Newsletter some serious thought. We wish you the best success in your beekeeping efforts.

Sincerely, Ken

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