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Pryor, Okla. VoTech Center

"Sustainable Beekeeping" program

(Sept 23 to Nov 4, 2019)

We're excited to announce, that we'll now be teaching at the Pryor, Okla VoTech Center, on Hwy 20. This is our entire "Sustainable Beekeeping" program which lasts for 6 weeks. These are evening time classes, from 6-9pm. First class date is set for Sept 23 (Monday) at 6pm. Last class date is Nov 4, a Monday. If you're interested in taking this popular program, please contact Donna, at 918-825-5555 to enroll. The cost is $265 for the entire 6 week program. We've included a short syllabus of the class titles for each week, below. Have a look.

Note; We need a minimum of 10 students to make this class a go!

Course Description:

Our nation is in desperate need of highly skilled Sustainable Beekeepers. Students in this course will learn the art and skills required to become a solid Sustainable Beekeeper. This course program consists of 6 topics, beginning with Basic Beekeeping and gradually advancing to more complex Beekeeping strategies. Our goal is to increase the students “Bee IQ”, teaching various strategies and protocols in order to become a skilled Sustainable Beekeeper. They’ll learn how to acquire Honey Bees in order to get started in Beekeeping, the tools and equipment needed to do so. They’ll also learn Colony management strategies in order to promote colony health, how to harvest & market their honey, and other various products associated with Beekeeping. Towards the end of this course, the students will learn Intermediate to Advanced Beekeeping skills that will allow them to expand their efforts if they so choose. Completing all 6 class topics is required in order to gain a full understanding of Honey Bees and to become a sound Sustainable Beekeeper.  

Week 1 – Sept 23 , Monday & Sept 26, Thursday, 6pm to 9pm

Basic Beekeeping

Week 2 – Sept 30, Monday & Oct 3, Thursday, 6pm to 9pm

All About Bee Pollen!

Week 3 – Oct 7, Monday & Oct 10, Thursday, 6pm to 9pm

Sustainable Essential Oil Strategies, to knock out Pests & Promote Colony Health

Week 4 – Oct 14, Monday & Oct 21, Monday, 6pm to 9pm

Swarm Prevention & Mgt. Class

Week 5 – Oct 24, Thursday & Oct 28, Monday, 6pm to 9pm

Sustainable Queen Rearing

Week 6 - Oct 31 , Thursday & Nov 4, Monday, 6pm to 9pm

Acoustic Beekeeping Strategies

This will be a very popular and fun course to take in order to learn the required skills in order to become a solid Sustainable Beekeeper.

If you're interested in taking this popular program, please contact Donna, at 918-825-5555 to enroll.

If you have questions that you'd like to ask of us, we can be reached at;

or text or call, 918-798-2251. Be sure to include your name, if you text us.

Thanks, Ken

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