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Queens for Sale

(Call or text ahead to check availability before purchasing, please! 

918-798-2251 leave your full name & email address please)

Mated Italian Queen, unmarked


All sales final

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  • We sell mainly Italian Queens.

  • Please contact us for availability before ordering.

  • Total cost is $60 per mated Queen, which includes $10 S&H, automatically added in before check out on Paypal.

  • $50 ea if you're picking up your Queens at LCBR

  • We do not mark or clip wings, as this seems to promote Supercedure. It is important that you learn the skill of finding the Queen with your eyes on the frame.

  • Queens not available until mid April.

  • Yes, we do ship Queens, but only within the United States.

  • We ship via USPS, to your local Post office, a very common practice.

  • Once ordered & shipped, we will send you the Tracking Number.

  • We track all Queen shipments diligently.

  • Please include your phone number, so the Post Master can call you for an early morning pick up.

  • All sales final.

  • .Be sure to include your e-mail address & phone number when you order.

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If you've never installed a Queen before, here is a short video lesson on how this is done. Please watch. Remember, candy end always goes UP!

Little Creek Bee Ranch, how to install a Queen

Candy end goes up, in case an Attendant dies, the dead bee won't block the exit hole. Pin cage between 2 frames of wax. DO NOT cover the exit hole. Remove cork plug first. DO NOT cover the screen of c...

Although these Queen pics aren't from our colonies, this gives you an idea of the "variations" in Queens.

We get excited about various types of Queens. Means you get to start a new bee hive. Expanding our efforts. Notice all the different colors of Queens in our pictures? Local Queens for sale. Some great Honey Bees!

This looks like an Italian Queen to me. Look for a long and slender body on the frame. That will be her!

Sometimes, you can spot a Queen right away on her frame. She's the longest bug on the frame. Usually crawling over her Wokers, which are girls. Local Queens for sale. Some great Honey Bees!

Get good at finding her with your eyes only.

Click on the picture to enlarge. Can you see any small pieces of rice, those are Bee Eggs. Very, very small. Atleast they look like little pieces of rice. We have to train our eyes to find them. Local Queens for sale. Some great Honey Bees!

Here you see a Queen with her head in the cell. She's using her forelegs to measure the width of the cell. She will then lay a fertile egg in a normal size cell, or an infertile egg (a Worker, girl) in a wider cell, which makes Drones (the boy bees)

Here's a long Queen! Did you know, that Queen Bees have a long, curved stinger. But their stinger is used for killing other Queens and letting their eggs slide off their stinger into the bottom of the cell. Queen Bees aren't known to sting the beekeeper as they're being handled. Just not the way they operate. Local Queens for sale. Some great Honey Bees!

Here's a really long lady! Italian I'd say. The Italian Queens are easier to spot. They'll have lots of golden hairs on the legs. Click on the pic. Can you see any eggs that she has just laid in the bottom of the cells?

Here's a different Queen. She very pretty. Golden color tells me that she is likely an Italian Queen. But I think she has recently been placed in a Causcasion hive. Not sure, she just looks different than the others. In about 2 months she'll have lots more Worker bees that look more like her. Local Queens for sale. Some great Honey Bees!

This Queen looks like an Italian Queen, in the middle of some Caucasian bees. Not sure though. Still, a beautiful Queen!

When someone wants to buy a Queen from us, this is what we do. Go gently pick her off the frame and place her in a small cage with a few workers. Easier said than done sometimes. Queens can be fast, but we must be careful not so smash her. Not cool! Local Queens for sale.Some great Honey Bees!

When you buy a Queen, this is what we do to get her in the cage. Pick her up and point her head towards the opening. Usually, it works!

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