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New to Beekeeping? Trying to get started? It's tough, isn't it? Can I give you a tip/suggestion? Learn how to get Honey Bees to come TO YOU, vs having to call all over the country in order to BUY bees! We teach our students powerful strategies, that DRAW BEES to them. They're a "natural resource". A much smarter way of thinking. (yes, we still sell bees, but it's a long wait.) Interested in learning more from us? Please consider our #1 service program; the Personal Advisor Program. Our private coaching/support system, for deeper guidance, strategies & answers. Click the link above to learn more. If you'd like to take advantage of this powerful support service, go ahead and Subscribe. I'll soon be in touch.

Thanks, Ken

Established Nucs are known for being very stable Honey Bees.

Spring Nucs for Sale

Currently Updated as of 01/21/2020 -

5 frame Nucs; $200, with a $75 refundable deposit

Thanks for considering Little Creek Bee Ranch. Yes we sell Bees. We want you to enjoy the finest Honey Bees in Rogers County, Oklahoma.

  • We sell only Nuc sets; a starter group. We're currently taking orders in preparation for Spring. Cost is $200 per Nuc. We'll require a $75 refundable deposit (if you should change your mind), pay the remainder at pickup.

  • This lets us know you're serious about buying bees. Make check payable to & mail to;

Ken Davis

P.O. Box 1233

Inola, OK. 74036.

  • We can be reached at; 918-798-2251, please leave your name and number, we'll return your call ASAP.

Please read before ordering

  • If you're looking for Spring Bees, get ready for some HOT competition. Our country is still in a Bee crisis. We don't see this ending anytime soon. Beekeeping has become a hot topic across the country. A good thing for sure. But obtaining new starts of Bees is getting increasingly harder to accomplish.

  • Think long term and think width. Don't be afraid to place multiple orders with various providers. See what Bees you can get on the ground and then cancel orders if you wish.

  • Too many new Beekeepers treat us like the Gold Fish dept at Wal-mart. They seem to think they can just go pick them up when they want to do so. I wish it was that easy.

  • As of this writing, we currently have a 2 year waiting period. I wish it wasn't so, but the demand is hot. Be mentally prepared to wait long term.

If you wish to be placed on our bee list, each Nuc is $200, with a $75 refundable deposit to gain a spot on our Bee list. If ever down the road, you should change your mind and want to remove yourself from our Bee list, your Deposit is refunded to you, via Cashiers Check, with Certified Receipt.

Make check payable & mail to;

Ken Davis

P.O. Box 1233

Inola, Ok. 74036

  • The next person behind you would simply move up into your spot on the Bee List. So think hard before you ever want to come off the Bee List.

  • We often suggest that folks might think "long term", not knowing how their current colonies will ever do, and if the worst happens, then they already have a spot on someone's Bee list. Just a suggestion.

  • The colonies that we sell, come from managed Splits that we do ourselves. We DO NOT bring in packaged Bees, and set them up, to call them "our bees". We are "gene pool" sensitive. We want you to have some great Honey Bees. How would we ever know this, if we haven't already worked with them?

  • We can only do, what the colony allows us to do. If they are thin, then we build them out and look to split them later in summer hopefully. Of course, the weather plays a vital role too. Too cold in May, and we'll see our timeline pushed back.

  • You're free to call us and visit and get a feel for what we're doing and where you may be on our Bee List. Again, we suggest thinking LONG TERM and WIDTH.

  • Your mission is to build up a base of Bees, in order to become Sustainable. Buying Bees each year is frustrating and stressful. Learn Sustainable Closed Loop Beekeeping practices and you'll be a better Beekeeper for it too!

Please read "Obtaining Bees - Tips" page.

  • If you weren't able to obtain your Bees from us this year, I would say be patient. Remember, you are pursuing an ESTABLISHED colony of Honey Bees. There is a tremendous demand for this kind of set up in Bees. It's not so easy. This is why big Bee supply companies SHAKE Bees and slap a Queen in with them. It's easy. But then, the risk is placed upon the receiving Beekeeper. We don't do it like that.

  • We build STABLE colonies of Honey Bees, putting the risk ON US, and then when they're ready to move out, your odds of growth and success are much increased.

  • The price you pay, is IN THE WAITING PERIOD. That is the key. We are still working hard to create and manage Nucs, etc. We can teach you how to get smaller colonies through the winter, not hard.

  • If you're already on our list, no price change. You're free to order any time. We'll place you on our Bee List.

  • Please, read and study the difference between a Package and a Nuc. You can find more info on this web site, at the page titled; Package vs Nuc.

  • The best things come to those who can wait. It's worth it. If you're already on our list, you can give us a call and ask for your "position number". If you give up your position, your deposit is returned, but you give your bees to someone else next in line on the list.

Spring Nuc sales!

(Check for availability before ordering.)

We just made some Queens here. See the fresh Queen cells at the top? We love trying to make Queens! Lots and lots of fun too! Local Queens for sale.

(Please read before purchasing)

  • We can be reached at; 918-798-2251, please leave your name and number, we'll return your call ASAP.

  • We manage mostly Italian breed of bees. Great for new Beekeepers. This breed is an early starter on Spring, they get right to work as Spring approaches. We sell "polite" bees. ha! We want Honey Bees that are "politely mannered".

  • We don't start making up Nucs of bees until about mid April. Nucs should be ready about mid May. However, you can send your deposit in, which we hold until pickup

  • We have a waiting list for bees. The sooner you send your deposit, the higher you are on the list. The deposit is certainly refundable if you should change your mind. Hope to hear from you soon.

Tip or Suggestion- Honey Bees are in very high demand right now and likely will be for some time to come. We will work hard to fill our orders. If however, we can not fill your order, think about "position of placement" on our order list.

  • Yes, you're deposit is still refundable. But what about this Fall, or next Spring? Keep the money on deck! If you're willing to keep your "money on deck", this ensures a higher "position of placement" on our order list. A roll over of sorts.

  • We'd love to have your business, but we don't control the weather. Too wet & cold; we're delayed. Too hot for too long; the bees stop producing.

  • The KEY to getting your bees, is TIMING and PATIENCE. By leaving your Deposit on deck, increases the likely hood of you obtaining Bees from us as soon as conditions allow. This would also increase your "position of placement" on our order list.

  • So, give it some thought, before getting too frustrated. Just an idea. Someone's going to get our Bees, might as well be you!

Note; Our Nucs sales are primarily directed at local Oklahoma Beekeepers. We don't ship packages out of state.

  • You're required to physically pick up your Bees. If you are coming from out of state and want to drive here to do so, we're happy to sell you Bees.

  • But you must pay for them BEFORE you arrive, or send us a $75 deposit and pay remainder at pickup.

  • Check for availability before ordering.

Thank you for purchase!

Ken Davis

ps. If you don't already have a Nuc box, you can find a few choices on our Beekeeping Supplies page.

Tip- don't use smoke unless you really have to do so. With these bees, they're so chilled out, no need for smoke!

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Installing honey bees in the backyard hive

Spring Nucs for sale at Littel Creek Bee Ranch. Taking my time installing bees in the new hive. This was a 5 frame nuc (nucleus) hive that I picked up from a local beekeeper. 4 frames of brood, honey, and pollen, and a division board feeder.I e...

Moving your Nuc box frames, into your Big Girl brood box is easy. If they can do it, so can you! LOL No one told this lady though....bees DO NOT like cameras!

Installing a five frame Nuc in a deep hive body

Honey Bees for sale at Little Creek Bee Ranch in Inola, Oklahoma. I have bought two five frame Nucs from Kelly Bees in Clarkson Ky. I'm moving each of them to a 10 frame hive body.

Here's what you hope to see before you put them in your full size brood box at home! But you have to finish building them out, after you pick them up from us.

5 frame nuc hive

Spring Nucs for sale at Little Creek Bee Ranch in Inola, Ok. This is a five frame nuc hive that was started from a single frame of bees, which I added a queen to from Mike Palmer in St Albans Vt. As the number of bees increased during the summer, I pulled fram...

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