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Little Creek Bee Ranch

in Ardmore, Ok

Acoustic Beekeeping

"Apivox Auditor" class

(Tuition cost $125 per person, see details below)



We're taking the "show on the road", so to speak. First stop, Ardmore, Oklahoma to teach an Apivox Auditor class. This class is focused on learning "Acoustic Beekeeping" skills, using the Apivox Auditor. Class level is Intermediate to Advanced, but all beekeepers are welcome to attend. As a corporate body of beekeepers in this nation, we suffer from a very low "Bee IQ". As I tell my Apprentices, the Apivox Auditor will truly bare your knowledge about Honey Bees. It will reflect what you "know" or "don't know" about your colony. Powerful, accurate and very worth learning. Our focus here, is teaching Apivox strategies and hopefully raise your "Bee IQ".

What all is covered in this class? How the Apivox Auditor works, strategies in use, how to use Eddy Woods timeline with Apivox. Learning to get out ahead of the Swarming event. How to use Apivox in order to determine if there's a Queen present, or not. How to determine if there's a good egg population, or not. How to determine if the girls are working on Honey, or not. Learn how to read the "Hiss" and "Warble". And much, much more!

If you aren't sure about attending, let me ask you one simple question; How would you like to have a 3 weeks notice that your colony is about to swarm, without even opening the hive?Getting a 3 weeks heads up, gives you plenty of time to make plans and preparations. That alone, is worth learning. If you'd like to learn more about the Apivox Auditor first, before attending, click on this link; Apivox Auditor

Reserve your seat quickly, this class fills fast!

Here's the details for this popular class.

No "walk ins" allowed, pre-pay only.

Cost; $125 per person, seating limited to 40. Minimum to run this class, 20 students.

Check in time; 8:00am

Class starts; 8:30 am, sharp!

Class ends; about 5pm...ish, or when our brains are mush, whichever occurs first.

Pre-paid class; click on the "Pay Now" link above to register.

Date; Sept 29, 2018, Saturday

Breakfast; donuts/pastry's and coffee, tea, on me!

Tuition WILL NOT be reimbursed within 24 hours before class time. If you need to make a change before this time, is fine. Tuition will be reimbursed if you provide notice before this 24 hour deadline.

Lunch; provided, sub sandwiches, 1 hour for lunch, 12 to 1pm. Or bring your own.

Breaks at 10:30am and 2:30pm., 15 mins.

Tools needed; bring pen & paper to take notes. If you wish to purchase the Apivox BEFORE class, it is helpful, but not required. If so, you will be asked to turn in your device to my wife Kelli, for the first half of the day. Apivox is LOUD and can cause much distraction. Will be returned to you after lunch, for practice in class.

Tools provided; Your class tuition also includes an "Eddy Woods Timeline" card and an Apivox "Quick Reference Frequency" card. These will be given to you upon check in only.

Class Location; Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Ardmore, Oklahoma

2025 N. Rockford Rd.

Ardmore, Ok. 73401


Classroom is located in the "Green Room", easy to find.

Staying the night? Possible "Group Rates" if we hit 20 or more students. 

Book your group rate for Little Creek Bee Ranch

Located on I-35, halfway between Oklahoma City and Dallas. We picked this location strategically, for ease of access from the South & North cities. 

If you have questions, etc. here's my contact info;

Ken Davis, cell 918-798-2251


See you in class!

Thanks, Ken & Kelli Davis

If you wish to reserve a room for overnight stay;

Book your group rate for Little Creek Bee Ranch

Not sure what we're talking about here? Here's a few videos to explain more and give you a better feel for what we're doing.

……… Just a little tease!

General Apivox overview

Apivox Auditor overview

Powerful. Accurate. Exciting. The Apivox Auditor is a sound diagnostic tool that allows us to understand what the colony is experiencing at any moment in time. Bees speak to each other through vibrat...

Apivox Auditor, Swarm Control mode

Apivox Auditor, Swarm Control mode allows us to determine if the colony is in a Passive state. This could possibly be a strong indication of a potential swarming event. We can run other Apivox tests...

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