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All about Varroa Mites

You can't learn too much about these tough little Pests. This page is dedicated to learning all you can about how the Varroa Mite works, lives and behaves.

Ghosts in the Hive

A lecture given by Ricarda Kather at the National Honey Show 2013 entitled "Ghosts in the Hive - Varroa's life cycle inside a Honey Bee Colony".

Varroa Mite History, Distribution, and Biology

Jamie Ellis from the University of Florida discusses the history, distribution, and biology of varroa mites in honey bee colonies. This is a segment from a more detailed video about varroa mites which...

Life Cycle of the Honeybee and Varroa Mite

This video shows the juxtaposition of the life cycles of the honey bee and the varroa mite. It was created by Jeff Harris of the Agriculture Research Service.

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