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Sustainable Beekeeping classes
Taught in Inola, Ok.

Clear us the confusion in your Beekeeping efforts. Consider the Personal Advisor Program, a private coaching service. You can learn more at this site.

Is this how you feel?

Please join us at our next Sustainable Beekeeping class! If you can't make these dates, no worries. We teach a rotation of 8 different classes throughout the year, except December (family time).  Coffee and donuts, as always, are on us! 

All sales final.

2024 Beekeeping Class schedule

  • If you'd like to attend any of our classes, be sure to text us your name, e-mail address, phone number to register. Otherwise we have no way of contacting you.

  • Cost is $30 per person, pay at door.  We'll contact you a few days prior to class to confirm you attendance. 

  • Class address is: 110 N. Broadway, Inola, Ok.  74036

  • We require 4 students minimum to hold a class. 

  • FREE coffee & donuts are provided.  Bring pen & paper to take notes.  No outside work, in class work only.  

Text or call to register 918-798-2251

If you've missed a class, no worries, we teach 8 different classes, in rotation, throughout the year.

Here are the class titles & dates;

Jan 6 - Basic Beekeeping

       20 - Essential Oils Strategies 


Feb 3 - Swarm Mgt & Prevention  

       17 - All About Bee Pollen


March 2 - Acoustic Beekeeping

        16 - Sustainable Queen Rearing

         30 - How to read Brood Frames


April 13 - Basic Beekeeping

           27 - Essential Oil Strategies


May 11 - Swarm Mgt. & Prevention

          25 - All About Bee Pollen


June 8 - Acoustic Beekeeping

           22 - Sustainable Beekeeping


July 13 - How to read Brood Frames

         27 -  Basic Beekeeping         


August 10 - Essential Oil Strategies

              24 - All About Bee Pollen


Sept 7 - Winter Prep & Mgt.

         21 - Acoustic Beekeeping


Oct 5 - Sustainable Queen Rearing

        19 - How to read Brood Frames


Nov 2 - Winter Prep & Mgt.

        16 - Essential Oil


The class address is; 110 N. Broadway, Inola, Ok.  74036

Thanks, Ken Davis

(FYI -  Also, check to ensure that the class is still being held, BEFORE you decide to make the drive. Call or text 918-798-2251)

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