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Zoom Bundle of 13 classes

If you're serious about learning Sustainable Beekeeping practices & methods from us, here's a smart idea.  Buy the entire Bundle of Zoom classes (currently 13), and save some money.  A power packed download, for sure.  Will be sent to your email box, with a Dropbox download link.  No, you don't have to have a Dropbox acct to do so.  Once paid and sent, click the link, and will download automatically.  This is an excellent investment in your Beekeeping knowledge and skills.  All 13 at regular price ($30 ea), is $390.  We'll drop this price for you, if you want to buy the Bundle of Zoom classes, for $250 ($19.23 ea), saving you a total of $140.  

Zoom Bundle


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Did you miss out on the last "live" Zoom class?

Don't fret. We gotcha covered. Each Zoom class is recorded. After we've reviewed for quality and feel the recording is worthy, we'll post them for sale here. Over the months and years, you'll see a growing list of recorded Zoom class topics. We charge the same amount for the "recording", as if you attended the class live. Once purchased, the Drop Box video link will be sent via your email address. Click on the link to view. Be sure to SAVE the video file for watching later. All sales final. These videos are best viewed on your Desktop devices.  Again, to view the entire class, click the Drop Box link provided.  It will automatically download for you.  See your "Download Files" to view.  The Zoom class MUST BE downloaded before viewing the entire class. Enjoy! 

Note;  If you're already a Personal Advisor student/member, all the Zoom classes below are FREE to you.  Simply a complimentary curtesy to you for being a P.A. member.  Just request a title and it will be sent to you via e-mail with a Dropbox link.  Having a Dropbox account is not required to view these Zoom classes.  

If you're NOT yet a Personal Advisor member, why not?  You're missing out!  A huge savings to you, with tremendous lessons in Sustainable Beekeeping principles and practices.  Too many advantages to mention here.  Click the following link to learn more about the Personal Advisor program.  If you have questions, please give me a shout (918-798-2251 call or text).

Cheers, Ken

"Smart Catch Box Strategies"

Length of lesson; 2 hrs 30 min.

Size of file; 272.9 MB

Cost; $30

Smart Catch Box Strategies Zoom class


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This class covers strategies, tips & tricks for attracting Swarms into multiple setups. We'll cover various tips & tricks to increase the odds of having a Swarm take your offering. An excellent way to get a FREE start of bees. This class is given from a PowerPoint Presentation, Screen Share, up close and personal. So grab your favorite soda & popcorn, set back and learn some cool strategies for attracting some Honey Bees. Enjoy!

"Winter Mgt. Strategies & Principles"

Length of lesson; 6 hrs 15 min

Size of file; 676.3 MB

Cost; $30

This class covers various "winter time mgt strategies" that can be used in order to keep your colonies alive and healthy. I answer students questions and give detailed explanation to various concerns and issues. How we use Protein Candy blocks and various "top mgt" strategies that we like to employee. Due to the nature of the topic, this turned out to be a much longer class than we initially intended, but provided excellent content for the students. If you hope to keep your colonies alive through about 5-6 months of winter, or "off season", this would be a Zoom class that you shouldn't miss.

"All About Bee Pollen; Harvesting & Mgt."

Length of lesson; 3 hrs 30 min

Size of file; 1.5 GB

Cost; $30

This class covers how to set up for Bee Pollen harvesting, how Bees gather pollen, pollen color identification charts, processing, management, storage long term, consuming, marketing and selling strategies. We cover various tips, tricks and strategies for bringing in large amounts of Bee Pollen and how we process it. This class is given from a PowerPoint Presentation, Screen Share, up close and personal. Bee Pollen creates twice the revenue as does selling Honey. Very worth learning how to do. We also cover "consumption strategies", do's and don'ts. And much more!

"Understanding the Swarming Process; Eddy Woods Timeline & Apivox Smart Monitor"

Length of lesson; 2 hrs 40 min

Size of file; 303.9 MB

Cost; $30

This class covers details of the Swarming process. How to gain early warning signals of a potential swarming event to come, giving you valuable time to make important preparations. How to listen to the Hiss of the colony and what it means. How to read Eddy Woods timeline and interpret it's meanings using the Apivox Smart Monitor. Learning how to get out ahead of any swarming event, in order to keep more bees at home. This is an excellent class to catch, if you're serious about learning Sustainable Beekeeping skills. Learn to keep more bees at home!

"Sustainable Qu​een Rearing"

Length of lesson; 3 hrs 37 min.

Size of file; 381.3 MB

Cost; $30

This class covers details on several easy methods & strategies for creating more new Queens. No grafting required! We'll cover various time frames for Larva mgt in order to create prime opportunities for the Bees to work up some new Queens. You'll learn how to use a "Queen Rearing Wheel" in order to manage your timeline in Queen Rearing. This is a fun and popular class and easy to understand. Once you learn these simple strategies for Queen Rearing, you should never be without Queens again. Once learned, never taken away. Every year we're able to create new fresh Queens, using these exact principles and strategies.

"Airflow & Heat mgt Strategies"

Length of lesson; 2 hrs 25 min

Size of file; 255 MB

Cost; $30

This class covers details on several easy methods & strategies for managing Airflow & heat inside the colonies. Helping the colonies to stay cooler, during high heat periods throughout the Summer months, is very important. Learning various strategies and methods can make a major difference the the health of the colony.

"Essential Oil Strategies for Pest Mgt & Colony Health"

Length of lesson; 4 hrs 33 min

Size of file; 451.2 MB

Cost; $30

This is an exciting topic, to be sure. Out of all the subjects we teach, Essential Oils strategies has commanded the most attention and the greatest of passions. In this class we cover some current traditional methods vs using Essential Oil methods. We'll also cover various recipes, mixes and how to apply them. We'll take plenty of time to answer any and all questions. Our focus with this class is learning how to promote colony health and vigor, along with how to knock out various Pests that give beekeepers great heartaches. You won't want to miss out on this class. It will be a popular one. 

"How to Create & Harvest Cut Comb Honey"

Length of lesson; 2 hrs 32 min

Size of file; 283 MB

Cost; $30

This is an exciting topic, to be sure. Learning how to create, and harvest, some excellent Cut Comb Honey can put you "head & shoulders" above other Beekeepers. A hard product to find. We get many, many requests for this product. It all sells off quickly and we never have any leftover. You can command a high premium for marketing and selling Cut Comb honey. In this class you'll learn various methods for creating such an attractive product. We weigh the "Pros vs Cons" for each. Showing you tips & tricks used. A skill, once learned, can never be taken away. Add this strategy to your Beekeeping skill set, and you'll be making Cut Comb honey every year. Customers will be knocking down your door to purchase this popular Beekeeping product.

"Swarm Prevention & Mgt."

Length of lesson; 2 hrs 12 min

Size of file; 230 MB

Cost; $30

I don't think I've ever met any beekeeper yet, that is excited about the idea of their bees leaving. Swarming bees are not a "new thing". It may be new to a new beekeeper, but the event of Swarming is as old as bees have been alive. Therefore, we naturally start off in the "weaker" position. There's much for us to learn, nationally & individually, in order for us to expand our thinking and raise our "Bee IQ".

"Basic Beekeeping class"

Length of lesson; 4 hrs 45 min

Size of file; 456 MB

Cost; $30