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Color Coded Equipment List, for newer Beekeepers

Here's a great idea!

A color coded, Beekeeping Equipment List, that can save you time, money and heartache.  Have a closer look.  Here's an sample.  Currently 12 pages & growing. Read more below please. Cost is only $20

Color Coded Equipment List for newer Beekeepers (older ones too!)

It's frustrating trying to figure out what to buy when you start Beekeeping.  You can easily over spend too! Here's a Color Coded List, to help guide you and save you heart aches, time and money! Our students like this list a great deal. They tell us it helps greatly.  Once purchased, will be delivered to you via e-mail, with a Dropbox link to automatically download easily. Any updates to this list, will be sent to our buyers, FREE of charge. Enjoy!

Color Coded Equipment List, for newer Beekeepers

Coming into Beekeeping, can be overwhelming and confusing, to say the least.  What to buy? Where to buy? How much will it cost?  Which one do I need?  All common questions.  Well here's a helpful list, that just might give you some CLEAR guidance to the items that you'll have to buy, in order to get yourself set up in Beekeeping.  There's a lot, I know.  That's why we created this list.  It's color coded; Green (you need as soon as possible), Yellow(buy sometime this year), & Red (you can buy this later down the road). Also, you'll see the locations where you can buy, item numbers and potential costs of each item.  We've also included some tips and suggestions on the right side of the list.  Some of these items, have short video lessons, to show you how and why we use this item.  This is all very helpful when you're initially getting started in Beekeeping.  We created this list, to give you a better, more stream lined thought process when it comes to gathering up all this equipment.  Our students tell us that this list has saved them a lot of pain and heartache.  We hope so!  That's why we created it and offer to the public for $20.  However, if you become a part of the Personal Advisor Program (our ongoing coaching and support program), this list is FREE, complimentary to our students.  If you would be interested in learning more about this popular coaching program, here's the link; Personal Advisor Program 

The cost for the Color Coded Equipment List, is only $20, one time pay.  It would be smart to include this list in your Sustainable Beekeeping manual.  You do have a Sustainable Beekeeping manual don't you?  If you see any errors, or required updates, please let us know.  The changes will be made as needed & updated accordingly.  Updates will be sent to our buyers, FREE of charge.  These are items that we feel are most beneficial to a Beekeeper who is getting started or an Intermediate Beekeeper who's looking for tips & suggestions on what to buy and why.  

If you have questions, please give us a shout.  Our contact info is at the bottom of this page.  If you'd like to have ongoing coaching and guidance in order to get started in Beekeeping, click the following link; Personal Advisor Program  and go ahead and subscribe today, $29.95 per month.  Have a closer look at the VALUE of this program.  There's much included. 

We hope we've made a difference for you.  If so, please tell someone about what you've found here.

Thankyou, Ken & Kelli Davis

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