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The Stonehaven BEE-Mate

BeeMate Workbench Demonstration Video

I designed the BeeMate back in 2004. Since then, beekeepers from Australia to Europe have purchased the BeeMate woodworking plans and built this handy beekeeping workbench for their own use. But there...

Little Creek Bee Ranch, would like to introduce a new Beekeeping tool. The Stonehaven BEE-Mate! We're very excited about the BEE-Mate and the various advantages it offers. Owning one will make every beekeepers hive inspections much easier and more enjoyable. This simple but sturdy tool, makes hive inspections a breeze, particularly if you're by yourself. Lifting heavy supers off the ground is tough on your lower back. Save your back! Order a Stonehaven BEE-Mate today!

You can order your own BEE-Mate from Little Creek Bee Ranch. We are the only "licensed manufacturer & sales distributor" in Oklahoma & now own the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the Stonehaven BEE-Mate. (License ID: USOK1305-2Y-R)

What does this mean? You can build one for yourself if you'd like, but you aren't allowed to sell it.

For the DIY Beekeepers, you can purchase the plans to build your own at;

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918-798-2251, text or call.  Thanks, Ken

(Shipping cost to be determined prior to purchase. The price you see here, DOES NOT include shipping. Shipping can be expensive. Local pickup is best. Assembled, unpainted $220. Boxes & frames not included.  This IS NOT a permanent hive stand, but meant to be an aid for the Beekeeper.  It simply holds frames & boxes, while doing inspections or inside the shop, etc.  DO NOT use this as a permanent hive stand as it will not hold the weight of a full colony.)

The BeeMate will hold boxes AND frames at the same time. No more bending over to grab boxes!

A BeeMate is a handy tool, that is locally crafted and hand made. Like having an extra pair of hands. Saves on the back pain also. Keep your Honey boxes off the ground.

he BeeMate also serves as a "shop aid", when moving about frames and boxes. Makes for a great workbench when making new frames or boxes.


  Sturdy and solid, the BeeMate is a "must have" tool for serious Beekeepers!


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