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"What is it?" This is the most common question we hear. Cinnamon Creamed Honey, is honey that has been whipped and chilled, with powdered Cinnamon added in during the whipping process. No dairy product is added. This IS NOT honey butter. Nothing else is added. After the chilling process, the honey turns out rather firm to thick. Creamed Honey is also known as whipped honey, spun honey, and churned honey. Leave on the counter or place in the frig. The frig makes it thicker, harder.

Cinnamon Creamed Honey

  • Please fill out the info requested below.  Let us know how many CCH's you'd like to order.  Please provide your shipping address and we'll determine shipping cost.  We'll then send you an invoice letting you know the  total cost and payment link.  Each CCH is in half pint jar, $15 ea..  Shipping cost will vary from customer to customer, based upon how many you purchase and your location.  If you have questions for us, please contact us at 918-798-2251, text or call.  If you call us, please leave a message with your name and mention your CCH order.

    Thanks, Ken


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