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Apivox Smart Monitor
This is the Swarm Control Mode, on the Apivox Smart Monitor. The needles are Red! The colony is likely entering Swarm mode now. Time to take action! Accurate, sensitive, & solid. The Apivox Smart Monitor is improving the Beekeepers understanding of what their colonies are doing and preparing to do in the near future.
 Use the Apivox Auditor in order to learn what the Honey Bees are saying to each other. Honey Bees communicate thru various vibration signals. We can now listen to their conversation. Are they in Swarm mode? Are they building Queen cells? Now we can find out easily.
We post teaching tutorial videos on our Face Book site daily!
Follow along with us & learn how to be a better Beekeeper!
Want to learn more about the power of the Apivox Smart Monitor?
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 Ken Davis
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19386 E. 595 Rd.
Inola, Ok.  74036
Phone #: 918-798-2251
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Apivox Auditor Overview
Powerful. Accurate. Exciting. The Apivox Auditor is a sound diagnostic tool that allows us to understand what the colony is experiencing at any moment in time. Bees speak to each other through vibrat...

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