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Little Creek Bee Ranch

Where Sustainable Beekeeping futures begin!
Getting started in Beekeeping?

Advice, guidance & private coaching....priceless!!

Sharing your Beekeeping experiences with family members, is exciting and helpful. An excellent way to build great relationships in the family or with friends.

We have a lot to offer. We're known for teaching 
Sustainable Beekeeping methods & practices.

Ken Davis

P.O. Box 1233

19386 E. 595 Rd.

Inola, Ok. 74036

Phone #: 918-798-2251

Leave name & number, will return your phone call ASAP!

Would you like to learn more about

Sustainable Beekeeping?

If so, have a close look at the

"Personal Advisor Program"

$29.95 per month

Our #1 service to date. Coaching, guidance & advice in order to get your "Learning Curve" down & your "Bee IQ" up quickly.

Here are a host of benefits that are included. A powerful combination.

  • Mid-Month Newsletter, with 3 awesome lessons.

  • End of Month Conference Call sessions, for Q&A's.

  • FREE Zoom classes!

  • One-on-One Phone appointments as required.

  • Text in Questions, for a quick response..

  • Private Coaching & ongoing Support.

  • Self-paced program, working at your speed.

  • High Priority, you trump our own work.

  • Huge Value in learning!

  • FREE Field Days, to see "hands on" issues.'ve got the questions, we've got the answers & strategies.


If you're serious and would like to begin, go ahead and click on the "Subscribe" button above. Can be canceled upon request. Please know, that it takes about 3-5 years to learn Sustainable Beekeeping skills. The more you ask, the more you learn. 

This is a big one! What's your current

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