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The Personal Advisor Program can take the confusion out of beekeeping.  You can learn more about this popular service, here at this site.
Ignorance, when left unattended, breeds stupidity.

Glad you're here! Through much hard work & many brain cramps, Little Creek Bee Ranch and the Sustainable Beekeepers Guild of Oklahoma, have teamed up to bring you some great opportunities to increase your "Bee IQ", at a discounted rate.  In order to take advantage of this great offer, you must first be on the SBG roster and in good standing, with current Dues paid. Once you've ordered any of our E-books, we will confirm your standing with SBG, before sending out your material. If not in good standing, we'll simply refund your money accordingly. 

You have 2 options;

Option 1 - Your best value for your money!

Knowledge is power, and powerful knowledge, is supreme!

A 50% discount on our E-books, & sign up on our Personal Advisor program, which is a $29.95 monthly subscription service.  This is our "personal coaching" system that has become very popular & focuses on increasing your "Bee IQ" through personal guidance & advice.  This is a long term program, and includes a monthly educational newsletter, with 3 solid tips & strategies, along with training videos for each tip or strategy.  A great value! Click on the link for the "Personal Advisor Program" to learn more and sign up from there.

For your E-book(s), click the "Buy Now" button below.
E-books for SBG/PAP members
We've written 5 Ebooks. Normally $40 ea. However, SBG members get a 50% discount, $20 ea. How many E-books would you like to order?
Price: $20.00
($20 per E-book, one time pay)

Once we've received your E-book order and you've signed up on the "Personal Advisor Program", we'll gladly send you the E-book(s) you've ordered.
Please don't simply sign up on the "Personal Advisor Program" and then cancel later, thinking you've saved some money.  It's an even wash.  We've created this opportunity in order for you to reduce the steep learning curve in Beekeeping & thereby increasing your "Bee IQ" rapidly.  It takes time to learn. 

Option 2

You only want to receive the E-book(s), which is $10 off.  Regularly $40.

No "Personal Advisor Program" included.  You just want the E-book.
When you place your order, please tell us which E-book(s) you'd like to purchase.
SBG Ebooks only
We've written 5 E-books. normally $40 ea. If you're an SBG member, but not a part of our Personal Advisor Program, the E-books are $30 ea. Tell us how many you're ordering please.
Price: $30.00

($30 per E-book, one time pay)

Currently, we've written 5 popular pdf E-books, that are delivered to you via your e-mail address for download.  Click on the titles below to be taken to their respective page to learn more.  However, you must order your E-books from this page on the link provided above, in order to gain your discount.

If you're confused and have questions, no problem.  We can be reached at 918-798-2251 for a text or phone call.  If you text us, please include your name.  We have no idea who we're talking to.  

Thanks, Ken

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