Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Protein Candy Blocks - Inola, OK
Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Home of the Apivox Auditor.

Protein Candy Blocks

Protein candy blocks, are our Insurance Policy against a

Do you know how to make good Protein Candy blocks? If not, better learn, ASAP. Your Honey Bees are counting on you.

A small Protein Candy block, can go a long ways, in keeping your Honey Bee colonies alive and well, in preparation for Spring.

Protein Candy blocks, help to boost the colonies strength and over all nutrition. And, the Small Hive Beetle can't do any damage to the block. We never use wet pollen patties. Small Hive Beetles can lay hundreds of eggs in the wet pollen patty.  And then, you got issues!

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