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     Here’s a great idea! What if you could have a Personal Beekeeping Advisor, waiting in the wings for you?  Whenever you bump into an issue, or your bees stump you or confuse you. You can call your Personal Advisor and throw the questions to him.  Someone who’s available 24/7.  A seasoned experienced beekeeper that can help reduce such a huge learning curve quickly.  Much like having an Attorney on a retainer, you can have your own Personal Beekeeping Advisor, on a monthly retainer.  ($29.95 recurring monthly charge)

     Hello! My name is Ken Davis, a full time Sustainable Beekeeper, located in Inola, Ok.  We own and operate the Little Creek Bee Ranch.  A full time beekeeping operation for many years.  We’ve become very popular across the country for our unique methods in beekeeping.  We DO NOT use traditional pesticides on our colonies!!  We only use Essential Oil recipes to promote colony health and knock out Mites and Beetles.  We’re leaders in the country for Acoustic Beekeeping methods and strategies. The first beekeeper in the U.S.A. to own & operate the popular Apivox Auditor.  Operating between 30 to 45 colonies, full time, for a long time, has given us a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience that we can offer to many other beekeepers, who think like we do.  We need to raise our “Bee IQ” in this country.  There’s a better way, and much to learn!  

     This is a great opportunity for new beekeepers. Someone who wants to get started, but doesn't know where to begin.  Our Sustainable system in beekeeping caters to those who want only a few colonies, up to about 100 colonies.  Particularly for the beginners, in order to get them through the first 5 to 8 years in beekeeping.  We're very willing to help anyone who wants to learn and wants to get started in Sustainable Beekeeping practices.

     But first, we'd like to know if you're the right kind of student for our style of Beekeeping.  Do you qualify?  This page might help you understand more about our philosophy of Sustainable Beekeeping & what it entails. Have a look.

     Why have a Personal Advisor in beekeeping?  Many advantages and benefits, which can reduce such a costly learning curve and create a more enjoyable experience in your beekeeping efforts.  First off, it’s “personal and private”.  You can text, or a phone call, or even Face Time your questions or dilemmas, in order to get quick answers or a better understanding of what you’re seeing.  Also, you won’t have to mess around with going to Bee Club, in order to learn.  Some folks don’t have a Bee Club near them, or it’s simply too far to drive, time and gas, etc.  You can also avoid all the political challenges and “clicks” that are created in a club environment. A real pain. (You know what I mean.) You’re certainly free to attend. This is how most of us begin. It just grows increasingly frustrating, when you can’t get clear answers to your questions and issues.  Clubs normally see a high turnover ratio due to such frustrations.  By having a Personal Advisor, you get straight to the issue at hand. No messin’ about! You can read books and watch a thousand videos, but there’s nothing that can replace, a LIVE conversation, with a seasoned beekeeper, who knows what you’re seeing and knows what you’re going through. This style of learning will put you way ahead of the “learning curve” that you’re about to face. Another big benefit to having a Personal Advisor, is “flexibility and freedom”.  Call with questions when it’s more convenient for you to learn.  Or, set a phone appointment and schedule a time to talk.  By being “private & flexible”, offers you a more convenient method of learning.  Everyone’s busy these days; your time is important also.  We respect this.  I’ll usually return phone calls within 48 hours, but typically sooner. I return all phone calls as fast as possible. 

     Beekeeping can be costly and stressful, if you don’t have a “support system” of sorts.  It’s comforting to know, that you can contact your Personal Advisor, someone who will guide you and explain things to you, in order to help you reduce your learning curve.  What would it be worth to you, to have such private support and guidance? A monthly amount of only $29.95, gains you a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom that you can tap into in order to reduce such stress and a very high learning curve.  If I’ve peeked your interest and if you think like we do (NO pesticides on our bees! Become more Sustainable!), please give me a call at 918-798-2251, my personal cell phone number.  Leave me a message that states you’re interested in obtaining a Personal Advisor, name and return phone number.  I’ll return your call as quickly as possible.  I’ll gladly answer all of your questions to see if this style of learning is a good fit for both parties.  We’re here to advise and teach. We’re also looking to fill the last few slots available. Please give me a call as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Sincerely, Ken Davis – owner operator, Little Creek Bee Ranch, Inola, Ok.

PS; After subscribing, please text us your name, ph# & e-mail address for future contact.

My cell ph; 918-798-2251 (text to this number)
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