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Did you miss out on the last Zoom class?

Don't fret.  We gotcha covered.  Each Zoom class is recorded.  After we've reviewed for quality and feel the recording is worthy, we'll post them for sale here.  Over the months and years, you'll see a growing list of recorded Zoom class topics.  We charge the same amount for the "recording", as if you attended the class live. Once purchased, the Drop Box video link will be sent via your email address.  Click on the link to view.  Be sure to SAVE the video file for watching later. All sales final.  These videos are best viewed on your Desktop devices.  If viewed on your mobile device, typically shows on the first 15 min's of the class.  So please view on your Desktop. Again, be sure to SAVE this file, once you click the Drop Box link.  Enjoy! 

"Smart Catch Box Strategies"
Length of lesson; 2 hrs 30 min.
Size of file; 272.9 MB
Cost; $40

This class covers strategies, tips & tricks for attracting Swarms into multiple setups.  We'll cover various tips & tricks to increase the odds of having a Swarm take your offering.  An excellent way to get a FREE start of bees.  This class is given from a PowerPoint Presentation, Screen Share, up close and personal.  So grab your favorite soda & popcorn, set back and learn some cool strategies for attracting some Honey Bees.  Enjoy! 

"All About Bee Pollen; Harvesting & Mgt."
Length of lesson; 3 hrs 30 min
Size of file; 1.5 GB
Cost; $40

This class covers how to set up for Bee Pollen harvesting, how Bees gather pollen, pollen color identification charts, processing, management, storage long term, consuming, marketing and selling strategies.  We cover various tips, tricks and strategies for bringing in large amounts of Bee Pollen and how we process it. This class is given from a PowerPoint Presentation, Screen Share, up close and personal. Bee Pollen creates twice the revenue as does selling Honey.  Very worth learning how to do.  We also cover "consumption strategies", do's and don'ts.  And much more! 

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