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Curious to know how to expand your honey harvest, for each colony?  Ventilation is a key.
Do You Qualify, 
for the Personal Advisor program?

     Glad you're here! Not all Beekeeping systems are the same.  We're certainly UNIQUE in what we do and how we do it.  Therefore, OUR UNIQUENESS sets us apart from so many other "traditional" beekeeping operations. We felt that this page was of great importance in order to determine if we are of "like mind in thinking".  It's important to us, that you have a better understanding about "our philosophy" in Sustainable Beekeeping.  Here are a few questions I like to ask my students before beginning a training program.

  1. Are you coach-able & humble?
  2. Do you hate using Traditional Pesticide treatments on your bees?
  3. Would you prefer to learn how to use Essential Oil strategies to knock out Mites & Beetles, promoting colony health?
  4. Would you like to learn how to create "5 star" gene pools of colonies?
  5. Would you like to learn how to create more honey, with less colonies?

     Interested yet? If you answered "Yes" to the previous questions & think you'd be a "good fit" for our style of beekeeping, please go to the Personal Advisor Program page and click on the Subscription link to begin.  We'll be in touch shortly.  
     If however, you aren't attracted to our style of Beekeeping, please keep looking for the right kind of coaching system that fits your thinking.  It's very important to have the "proper match" before moving forward. We can't "push a rope", ya know? 

     See ya on the other side!
     Thanks, Ken

Having some help, at key moments, in your Beekeeping efforts can make a huge difference.  Not matter how old you are.      This is me!  At age 95, still keeping bees!

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