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DVD Learning Center

     You've hit the "honey hole" for learning! Congrats! Welcome to our "DVD Learning Center".  If you happen to live too far away to make the drive to our classes, this page is for you.  You can still "tap into" our Sustainable Beekeeping system and learn all that we do, how we do it and why we do what we do.
     Also, many of you might be "visual learners", just like myself.  We can read and read, but when we actually get to "see" a method or system, it just seems to click & stick with us long term.  This is primarily why we decided to create this page.  Over the years, we've created hundreds of great videos in order for students to increase their "Bee IQ".  Take a moment and study the list of "video packages" offered below.  There's so many great videos, we've packaged them together by title or subject.  It's very hard to eat an entire Elephant, all in one bite.  Rather, if we take "many smaller bites", over time, we can accomplish the same out come.  This is why we've broken all our videos into various subjects or topics.  
     What interests you the most? What burning questions do you need answered? What beekeeping issue has you the most confused?  Whatever it is, I'm sure the answers are inside one of our many DVD video offerings.  Over the months and years, you can accumulate all of our various DVD lessons and create your own personal Sustainable Beekeeping library.  This would be of huge benefit to you, and would allow you to go back and review specific topics, again and again.  A smart strategy in learning, in my mind anyway.
     The DVD's we use are made by Verbatim, DVD-R.  A common DVD that should work in most any Lap Top or Desk Top computers. It will be your responsibility to confirm that your computer/device can play DVD-R videos. All sales are final. Depending upon how many video packages you order, you may receive more than 1 DVD from us.  There are multiple videos of various lengths, in each selection. As we perform our normal Beekeeping practices, we've created many great teaching videos, with excellent tips & tricks. Each DVD is limited to about 4.7gb data.  No problem.  We'll still be able to fulfill your order and get it shipped out to you via USPS, as fast as possible.  Each DVD is tested for proper viewing BEFORE it leaves our office. If you ever have questions, please feel free to call us at any time. Our info is on the face page of this website. Or, just CLICK HEREKeep watching! More topics coming soon.

Swarm Catching Strategies
Various methods we've use for catching swarms over the years. Includes 41 videos.
Price: $30.00
Protein Candy Block Strategies
How we make this powerful candy block that the bees love so much. Recipe included. Includes 9 videos.
Price: $30.00
Honey Spinning Strategies
Tips & strategies for preparing to spin out your honey. What to pay attention to & more. Includes 14 videos.
Price: $30.00
Wax Harvesting Strategies & Moth mgt
How to harvest wax off your frames & prevent further Wax Moth damage to frames. Tips & tricks to making your job easier. Includes 12 videos.
Price: $30.00
Essential Oil Strategies
How we use various Essential Oil strategies to knock out Mites & Beetles. Recipes included. Includes 12 videos.
Price: $30.00
Pollen Harvesting Strategies
How we harvest & dry our pollen. Tips & suggestions for creating more revenue out of your colonies. Includes 9 videos.
Price: $30.00
Wood Cutting Strategies
How we cut our own boxes strategically, in order to gain the most mileage from each plank of wood. Tips & suggestions for various cuts. Includes 9 videos.
Price: $30.00
Wax Cleaning Strategies
Tips & suggestions on how we clean our wax. How to create beautiful blocks of raw wax. Getting the most out of your colonies wax production. Includes 13 videos.
Price: $30.00
Home School & Highschool Teachers
This package of videos is about honey harvesting, pollen harvesting, bee hive checks, swarm catches and feeding station excitement. Up close shots of Honey Bees. Elementary to Highschool level students won't be bored, for sure! Includes 21 videos.
Price: $30.00
Feeding Station Strategies
How to create a good Feeding Station for your bees. How to feed pollen & sugar water when needed. Cleaning up wet honey boxes & more. Includes 11 videos.
Price: $30.00
Frame Assembly & Storage Strategies
How we assemble our frames quickly & easily. Using fishing line on wax foundation. How to create your own frame rack for space management. Includes 12 videos.
Price: $30.00
Pest Mgt Strategies
How we deal with Ants, Beetles, Mites & Nozema. Detecting and assessing issues. What to watch for, & suggested solutions.
Includes 11 videos.
Price: $30.00
Swarm Catch Box Strategies
How to set up smart Swarm Catch boxes & Pots. How to lure a swarm to your box. Homemade swarm lure. How to tell if the Swarm has taken your offering, what to look for. Includes 10 excellent videos.
Price: $30.00
Hive Top Feeding Strategies
Different methods of feeding the colonies on top of the hive. How to set in the protein blocks. Strategies to feed sugar water. What we look for during winter months. Includes 12 videos.
Price: $30.00
Acoustic Beekeeping Strategies
Honey Bees communicate through various vibration signals. If we can listen in on the colony and interpret these signals, we're better able to understand the colonies needs & concerns. The Apivox Smart Monitor allows us to do just that. Here are 15 short video lessons to show you how this is accomplished. All without opening the colony. We can inspect the colony later if we'd like to do so. Weather permitting.
Price: $40.00

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