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Are you confused and lost in your Beekeeping efforts? The Personal Advisor Program solves this issue.

If you're new to Beekeeping, great!  If you're an older Beekeeper, great! You're on the right page.  If you haven't figured it out just yet, "Beekeeping" has become very popular in our country.  With this popularity comes tremendous growth.  Growth of interest. Growth in demand for Honey Bees and more.  The challenge then becomes, a huge GAP in "knowledge & skills".  We call this your "Bee IQ".  Here in lies our greatest challenge & why we hope you're here today.

Our passion is, to help educate new & old beekeepers alike. In order to become a smarter and wiser "Sustainable Beekeeper", we've created a structured Sustainable Beekeeping "learning program".  Self paced, with "private guidance" and 24/7/365 support.  An educational support system, to help you grow and learn how to increase your over all "Bee IQ".  Thereby, reducing the incredibly steep "learning curve" that you're sure to face in your Beekeeping efforts.

The Personal Advisor Program,is a "private coaching service", that includes a great deal of VALUE for you to take advantage of, in order to increase your over all "Bee IQ" and become a successful Sustainable Beekeeper.

If you're serious about learning, and would like to have a "private coach or advisor", click on the link above to begin.  This is a monthly Subscription based service for $29.95.  It can be canceled at any time.  A small amount, when compared to what you're going to gain in the long run.  If you have questions, we can be reached at or via text or phone call at 918-798-2251. Please include your name and message. We're respond right away.

If you're not sure, here are some key advantages and benefits you stand to gain.

1) Private Coaching - This is accomplished through e-mail, or texts, or scheduled phone appointments.  Some students even like to "FaceTime" with us, so I might see a particular issue.  Not uncommon.  Also, there are no "stupid questions" here.  Again, this is a "private coaching" service.  Emphasis on PRIVATE.  Never judged or made fun of, when questions are asked.  We've all been there. 

2) Self Paced Learning - I don't call and hound my students.  Just the opposite.  Call to ask questions any time.  I'll be sure to keep you "on the ranch" so to speak. Everyone has a different pace of growth.  You're in control of your "time management" in your learning process in this program.  Squeaky wheel gets the oil. 

3) FREE Monthly PA Newsletter - The Bees never stop throwing you challenges.  Therefore, your "flow of learning" should never stop as well.  The PA program includes a FREE monthly Sustainable Beekeeping Newsletter.  Each newsletter comes to your e-mail address of your choosing.  Filled with 3 solid Tips & Sustainable Strategies.  Each lesson also includes a link to the appropriate teaching video.  You can keep these Newsletters on file, for reference later.  A smart move on your part.  

4)  Learning Curve comes way down - Since you'll have a solid "private support system", you're "learning curve" will come down rapidly.  In turn, your "Bee IQ" will begin to sore! We see this time and time again.  A huge benefit to enrolling in this popular program. 

5) No Bee Club attendance required - Some students live too far away from a "local bee club".  This can hinder their growth dramatically. Not all people like to "mix & mingle" with other folks that they DO NOT know.  But the student still wants to learn.  Hence, a "private coach/advisor" to turn to in order to learn quickly.  If you like to attend local Bee Clubs, you can certainly do so.  Many folks do not. 

6) No Judgement here - When someone new is in a large class, at a local Bee Club, there's always this "psychological limitation" that must be over come.  New students are often very reluctant to ASK silly questions. Or rather, what THEY perceive to be "silly questions".  They don't want to be judged or laughed at.  So, they sit silently, in hopes that SOMEONE ELSE will ask the very same "stupid question", and let them be embarrassed.  But not them.  Therefore, they'll likely sit there in quiet anticipation; "Let someone else ask that silly question, not me!"

7) Service Cancellation - You're free to cancel this service at any time.  You are not bound by any kind of "code" or long term commitment.  The PA program typically lasts 5 - 8 years.  That's just what it takes, to get really good and understand these magnificent creatures that we call Honey Bees.

8) Inola class tuition is HALF off - If you're within driving distance of us, or are passing by on Hwy 412, and want to attend one of our many classes, you're class tuition is HALF cost.  Classes are typically $40 per person.  If you're a PA student, your cost is only $20 for an all day class. 

9) Program Longevity - You're free to remain on board with us, for a long term period, if you so desire.  This gives you a "long term" support system, further down the road. Again, the only students we teach PRIVATELY, are those that are on the PA program roster. 

10) Timeless Skills - The Sustainable Beekeeping skills that you'll learn from us, transcend time.  Once learned, will remain with you for years and years down the road.  Students seem to place a high value on this particular benefit.  Once you learn a key "Sustainable Beekeeping strategy", it can never be taken away from you.  I love this greatly!  Once learned, always retained.

If you feel that this style of educational service would be a good fit for you, then click on the following link to begin;
Personal Advisor Program.  I'll be in touch shortly to ask a few questions.  You'll have the highest priority at Little Creek Bee Ranch, even above my own Bees!

Thank you for considering our #1 service to date.

Sincerely, Ken & Kelli Davis

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