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Beekeeping Supplies
We're working towards posting a list of basic Beekeeping supplies. Each day we'll try to add to our website. For now, it starts off slow and builds over the months. Please be patient as we begin new adventures in Beekeeping. We think you'll be pleased.
Basic Starter Kit
Beginning Beekeeper starter kit. Unassembled & unpainted. Item #82
Price: $201.00
Double Medium Starter Kit
Beginning Beekeeper starter kit with Double Medium set up. Unassembled & unpainted. Item # 74
Price: $215.50
Triple Medium Starter Kit
Painted & assembled, ready to go! 6 5/8 size boxes. Item # 44
Price: $351.00
Plastic Nuc Box
Jesters EZ plastic Nuc Box is durable and light weight. Item # 51
Price: $16.73
Wooden Nuc Box
5 frame wooden Nuc box, unpainted, unassembled, frames not included. Multi-functional; swarm catch, splits, Queen rearing & more! Item # 12
Price: $41.02
Brood Box Kit
Painted & assembled hive body with bottom board, Plasticell/waxed foundation, frames & lids. Item # 21
Price: $131.95
Bee Vac Box
Bee vac box, inner box and hose. You provide the shop vac. Comes with DVD. Holds about 3 lbs of Bees. Item #32
Price: $197.95
Medium Super
Painted & assembled 6 5/8 super, with 10 frames & Plasticell/wax coated foundation. Item # 45
Price: $61.75
Brood Box
Painted & completely assembled Brood box, with 10 frames, Plasticell/wax coated foundation. Item # 10
Price: $69.00
Stonehaven BEE-Mate work bench. Boxes & frames not included.
Price: $120.00
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