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Swarming Issues
Do you have a ball of Honey Bees hanging on a branch or tree, in your front or backyard? Please don't disturb them. They're simply looking for a new home. Give us a call, and we'll come out and safely pick them up and give them a new home. You might even get a FREE jar of Local Honey! What does a Swarm of Honey Bees look like? Like this!
A small swarm of honey bees, ready to be caught up! We don't want bees like this to get away, because they make lots and lots of Honey! Beekeepers who catch swarms.
Here's a question for you. Are Honey Bees more inclined to leave their home and swarm, when the Barometric Pressure drops over a few days? Is this an environmental signal for them to do so? We have tried to watch for this over the years, and will continue to do so. Below is a link to follow along with the current Barometric Pressure readings out of Claremore, Ok.  You can also enter your local city and state, and get your current pressure readings nearest your location.
Want some tips on how to prevent your Bees from swarming? Read this article written by Rex Boys, way back in the late 40's and 50's. These bee-principles still apply today.
Listen to the Bees, by Rex Boys
Paying particular attention to Section 5; Swarm Prediction.
Study the chart carefully. Worth learning!
What does catching a swarm look like? Here are a few examples.
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How to catch a swarm of bees
Master beekeeper John Pledger from Triad Bee Supply shows how to catch a swarm using a portable hive box, white sheet below the swarm and some know-how.For beekeeping tips for those living in the ...
(about the video below)
Can you "read the porch"? Your ability as a Beekeeper, to read the porch behavior is a huge deal. The more you watch the porch, the better you get. As you learn this skill, you'll be able to tell what the bees are so excited about, etc. In this great video, the Swarm has decided to hang up inside a trash can. Maybe not their preferred "housing arrangement", but it will do for a while. But when offered a normal hive set up? Wow! Watch how fast these girls react. Remember, the Workers (girls), make all the decisions for the household. (Much like YOUR OWN! ha! ha!) Once these girls race into their new digs, watch how many of them turn around BACKWARDS and push their butts up in the air and begin to fan aggressively. If you'll look at the tip of their abdomens, you'll see a little white gland pushed out. This is their Nasonov gland; their "come home" message. They're saying, "Come home! Come home! The Queen is inside, this new house is awesome and we have lots of work to get done. Come home!" This is also a signal to you of OWNERSHIP. They're taking ownership of their new house. Immediately they head back out to forage for the Queen. They don't even wait for all their sisters to get inside. I will stand to the side, for about 15 min's to watch for this behavior. If they like what I've offered, this is EXACTLY what I see. Bees know no borders! This is a common bee behavior and you need to pay attention to it. Even better, stick a frame of live, capped brood, in the middle of this box inside, minus the other bees! This is called an Insurance Policy. The Workers, are BROOD SENSITIVE. They'll freak out, when they find a frame of brood, that isn't being cared for properly! They'll lock down on this brood FAST! The Queen will also crawl up their and SIT on her new nest of brood, just like a mother Hen! Remember this trick, it will come in handy later.
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How to Capture a Honeybee Swarm -
For more info go to for everything about bees and beekeeping. How to capture a swarm of honeybees in an empty bee hive. Beekeepers who catch swarms are great teachers.
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amazing honeybee catch
The amazing capture of the honey bee. Beekeepers who catch swarms rock!
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Catching and hiving a swarm of honey bees
Beekeepers who catch swarms know various tricks. A warm June day and we noticed a swarm of bees from one of our own hives had alighted in a rose bush near the house and this is the story of their capture. It's the first time I've caught a swarm on m...
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Catching a Honey Bee Swarm
Here's an easy swarm catch. These bees clustered under a teeter totter the day before. I wish they were all this simple. Beekeepers who catch swarms make it look easy.
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