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Resource links that we use often  We use this site for daily Bible study and have learned tons and tons about Gods word. I must give credit to the Lord Jesus Christ for all the skills in Beekeeping, etc. This WAS NOT my career plan. We care for His Bees and do all we can to keep them healthy. Les Feldick is a cattle rancher in Kinta, Ok. We have been learning from him since 1993. He is also on TV at various times. Check his website for stations and times. He is known for "comparing scripture, to scripture". After learning from him for 20 years, you get kind of good at doing the same thing and sharing with your family and friends scripture truths. Very powerful stuff indeed.  This is a site that I use often. If you're a student of scripture, you'll like this site. Allows you to access many various Versions of scripture quickly. Bee Class on line!!! We thought this was an excellent source. We haven't taken the class, but thought we'd share the link with you anyway. Looks awesome! Cost is $189. Study at your own pace.   We are big believers in using Solar Ventilation on top of our Bee Hives. There are many advantages in doing so. Take the time and read over this website. Gary Sterns is the current owner. Big cuddos to Gary! A top notch provider of an important bee tool. Thanks Gary!  This is the site for our local Bee Club in Tulsa, Ok. When we started Beekeeping in 2005, this club usually had 40 in attendance each month. Now? Since Beekeeping has exploded across our country, our monthly club attendance numbers reach nearly 200!! And growing!  A great forum on this site, as well as free downloadable plans for making your own bee equipment. We buy a lot of our Essential Oils here. If you'll call them and let them know you're a Beekeeper, and ask them to add you to their Wholesale list, they'll be glad to do so. Might save you a little money. Another great forum for talking and asking questions. Free software at this site! We use Hive Tracks to keep our colonies updated and all the details current. Check it out, give it a try. Love this site! Kirk Anderson is a long time Beekeeper in L.A., Ca. Lots of great tips and tricks here! One of the more popular Bee magazines, to increase your knowledge of Honey Bees, etc. Another popular Bee magazine that has been around for a very long time. Fromt time to time, their daily Ag show will have a story about Honey Bees. We enjoy the over all Ag info and learn tons!
Beekeeping clubs in Oklahoma.
An online beekeeping class that you can take at your own pace and time schedule. Very sweet indeed!!  This is our Oklahoma state Bee website.  We often use the site to know how strong the Pollen counts will be for the day. Since I'm such a serious allergy sufferer, I'm sensitive to "how strong" the pollen will be outside. This site even offers a Pollen Diary for you to use on a daily basis, in order to keep track of your allergic reactions daily. Your objective is to determine what "times of year" are your worst, then act accordingly. Enter your zip code, and this site will tell you how strong the pollen is in your area! Cool uh?  We have learned tons and tons from The Fat Bee Man. It just wouldn't be right to not include him in our Resource listings. Thanks Don! Can't find a particular Honey flavor you like? This site will come in handy. We like 2 particular products at this site; 1- The Bee Cozy winter wraps. 2- The plastic Bee Brief Nucs 
(ref to "How To's" for Beekeepers page to see these 2 products in use.  We use this site mainly for long range weather forecasts.  Follow your local Barometric Pressure readings. Do Honey Bees want to swarm when the pressure drops? We are watching over the years, to see if this is a valid indicator. Ever thought much about what plants Bees really like? Here's a short list, with links to buy the seeds too! Sweet! Bee friendly plants, around your house? Smart move! Gettin' more serious here! A more detailed list of "bee friendly plants". Enjoy! For you Bee-Ladies out there, you all know what Pinterest is? Here's a good list of bee friendly flowers. For the Bee-Guys....ask your Lady, she'll set you straight. Mine did! ha! This was our first efforts to put Bee info on the web. There are some great Essential Oil recipes we put on here and some great pics. Check it out!  Read articles written by Tom Theobald. Exposing the dangers of various Neonics and their toxicity to Honey Bees. This is an excellent site to learn about various Pesticides and where they're currently being used across the U.S.. Names of Pesticides to pay attention to; Imidacloprid, Thiamethoxam, and Clothianidin. Click on the name, then click on 1999 and move forward each year. Notice the change in use. It's getting worse and will continue to do so unless aggressive changes are made....such as "banning" the use of these toxic pesticides.
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