Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Our Beekeeping Passion - Inola, OK
Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Home of the Apivox Auditor
Our Beekeeping Passion
Here is a pair of pint jars, with a chunk of Cut Comb inside. We get many, many requests for this product at Little Creek Bee Ranch. We sell out VERY fast too! $12. Many folks buy this product as a Christmas gift. Put a ribbon around the top and impress your family! Local Honey for sale!
2 pint of our Local Cut Comb Honey. $20 each. This is one of our most popular honey products. Makes great Christmas gifts also!
This is a colony at Little Creek Bee Ranch that did really well with the Solar Ventilator on top! The Queen is brooding in the 2 lower boxes, with a Queen excluder above, then honey boxes from there up! Every 2 honey boxes, when full, will usually produce a 5 gal pail of honey!
See that funny looking dish on top of this hive? That is a Solar Powered Ventilator! We pamper our Bees! And proud of it too! ha! The bottom 2 boxes is where the Queen is brooding. The rest of the boxes?.....have HONEY! Each set of 2 boxes, if full, will produce 5 gal's of honey, some more, some less. But still a lot of honey!
This is a close up view of the Solar Ventilator, solar panel. When it gets too hot, like 110 degrees or higher, we'll kick these panels backwards, to avoid sucing up HOT air!
This is an up close picture of the Solar panel on top of the hive above. We currently run 22 of these Solar Powered Ventilators. Worth doing! Decreases moisture inside, less Varroa mite issues, honey capped over quicker, and more Workers hit the field, versus staying home to fan. And, the Queens love the fresh air! They lay better!
This is pollen we've harvested from our Sundance bottom mounted pollen traps. The bees bring in so much pollen that we'll have to harvest pollen about every 3 or 4 days!
Harvesting our Bee Pollen! When running our pollen traps, we'll have to harvest about every 3 or 4 days. Bees bring in LOTS of pollen!
A beautiful Italian Queen, it looks like. Surrounded by her Workers, who groom her and feed her. What a life! Local Queens for sale.
Queens! They're beautiful to look at...if they'll ever hold still. We enjoy making Queens off and on throughout the Bee season. (Check for availability) This is a very important part of our Sustainable Beekeeping efforts.
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