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Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Home of the Apivox Auditor
Hand crafted, Locally made!
Hive Set
All assembled, 2 brood boxes, 20 frames with wax foundation installed, screened bottom board, two lids. Shipping not included.
Price: $240.00
Double Brood box Hive set
(Call for availability 918-798-2251. Best to order via mailed check, money order or cashiers check.
Make payable and mail to; Ken Davis, P.O. Box 1233, Inola, Ok. 74036)
This set includes, outter cover, inner cover, 2 brood boxes, 20 frames, all with wax foundation, bottom board with mite tray. These are MannLake frames and lids. We cut and make our own boxes and bottom boards.
IMG 0174
This hive set comes completely asembled. All you have to do is paint it and find the bees to put inside. Made from #1 white pine.
IMG 0172
You can place this hive in your graden to show your friends and family. A great conversation starter!
We drill a 1/2" hole on the face of the box, as an emergency escape hole for winter, if the colony should have a large die off and block the lower entrance. Bees must be able to make cleansing flights in winter on nicer days, or the entire colony dies!
IMG 0161
We like this "sharp look" to this set.
Each brood box has D shaped handles cut on the sides, which we cut ourselves. This allows for a sharp grip when lifting. Brood boxes when full, weigh in around 110 lbs.
IMG 0164
Unlike other sets, with traditional wires, we prefer to use Fishing Line. This allows for easy cutting of queen cells should you get the chance to cut any Queen cells for splits. Your knife can cut through fishing line, but not wire...a hassle. We place 2 X's of fishing line, one on each side of the foundation to ensure the foundation stays straight.
IMG 0167
The screened Bottom Board allows for fresh airflow, extremely important for a healthy colony of Honey Bees! We created this set with this primary thought in mind. Your colonies health will depend upon your understanding of airflow management.
        ........oh!  and no assembly required!
The BeeMate
The BeeMate is used as an aid while working your colonies, or in the shop, to hold boxes and frames. It also prevents us from having to bend over so often to pick up tools, boxes, etc. helping to limit lower back pain.
Price: $120.00
What a wonderful idea!
When you work bees by yourself alot, you always wish you had a pair of extra hands. Well now you do! The Beemate!
To see a Demo video, click here!
Not built to be a permanent hive stand, but an aid when you move off boxes and frames. We use ours every time we work our colonies. It sure saves on a lot of back strain! Having to bend over to pick up boxes is so frustrating.
An excellent shop aid. In the off season, the BeeMate becomes my extra pair of hands, to hold newer boxes and frames. Again, saving from having to bend over all the time.
Taking a lunch break while working the bees for the day? Use the BeeMate and a few Queen Excluders (not included), as quick lunch table.
You can paint your BeeMate, or not. We didn't bother painting, since it's only outside with us while we're working. When not in use, it folds up nice and tight, (4" thick) and hangs in the shop.
Great for holding small Nucs for inspection, so you don't have to bend over so low. The lower back can only take so much bending, over and over. And when you're by yourself, the BeeMate becomes a MUST HAVE tool. Sweet!
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