Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Frequent Q & A's - Inola, OK
Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Home of the Apivox Auditor
Frequently asked Questions & Answers
Why does it take so long to get a start of Bees?  We have a very short window within which to produce small starts of bees. We call them Nucs. These are not "packaged bees". We do not sell packaged bees. The demand for Honey Bees is very, very competitive. Our Nucs that we sell, come from splits from our main colonies, that we perform each year. These will then grow nicely and likely become stable colonies. The demand for such colonies is tremendous. Gain a position on our Bee List and be prepared to wait.
Where can we learn more about Sustainable Beekeeping?  We teach Sustainable Closed Loop Beekeeping skills each month, in Inola , Ok. See our Beekeeping classes page for current info.
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