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The Fat Bee Man!
This page is in thanks to Don Kuchenmeister, aka; The Fat Bee Man. I have learned so much from this man! Big thanks Don! All the following pics are of Don's Bees and Apairies, surrounding his house in Lula, Ga.
Don, the Fat Bee Man! Gettin the work done! Taking some wooden frames from one hive to another.
Don places his hand gently on the Bees in order to move them out of a particular area so he can see.
See the Queen cell coming off the bottom of the frame! Awesome Queen cell!
Don cutting out one of his Queen cells. We have Local Queens for sale.
This is how you'd cut out a Queen cell and place it with a few frames of Bees who don't have a Queen.
Don pointing to a nice looking Queen. Local Queens for sale.
 Don is pointing to one of his Queens. A rather dark Queen too. Click on pic to enlarge. Get a good look at the size comparison between a Queen and her Workers. Nice Queen!
Can you count how many Bee hives you see? Lots & lots!
This is ONLY one side of Don't Bee yard around his house! Hundreds! Mmm? I've learned to not be so "up tight" about how many colonies I collect. Notice how high the bee stands are set up. This is to save "back pains"!!
Don is checking on one of his hives.
No viel. No gloves. Unless the girls get really, REALLY cranky! Just a really cool pic, of a really cool Bee-Pro!!  His honey hut in back ground.
See the end of this Queen cell? She has cut her way out and begins to roam around in the colony. Local Queens for sale.
Tip - See the Queen cell in the middle of this pic? It's open! See how clean and round the end is? As if it had been sliced off. The Queen eats her way out of the cell, making a clean, neat cut, all the way around. Then leaves the cell. She's hatched!!
One of Dons bee yards.
Here's a good look at a Bee-Pro's bee yard. Again, look at how high his hives set up! Great ideas come from lookin' at someone elses bee yard.
Here are some great Queen cells.
Local Queens for sale.
Baby! Oh Baby! Look at these awesome Queen cells! Can you count how many are on this frame, facing you? Look close. THIS, is what we're lookin' for in Spring time! Start cuttin' and puttin' these with frames of Bees.
Just look at how many hives of honey bees are set up way back in the Pines!! Wow!
Even way back into the Pines!! I don't think Don has enough Bees! Might wanna pile on some more! ha! I'd think that some of these boxes are empties. As it's wiser to leave them out anyway, verses bringing in all the empties, only to take back out later. Bees will find a new home, as they see fit. They come! They go! Always looking for new digs!
Much thanks to The Fat Bee Man, for all your hard work and teaching!
You can find his site at
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