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Little Creek Bee Ranch & supplies - Home of the Apivox Auditor
Crafts & other things!
My wife, and daughters have worked hard to support our Beekeeping efforts through the years. I wanted to include their various "crafts & other things" here, for others to see. You'll want to check back later for more details.  The ladies will like this one!!
Easter Egg Wreath
Large Easter Egg Wreath with plastic colored eggs.
Price: $30.00
Easter Bunny Wreath
Easter Wreath that looks like a cute Bunny Rabbit.
Price: $45.00
Halloween Wreath
Skirt & Boots make a cute Halloween Wreath.
Price: $35.00
Christmas Wreath
Candy stripe Christmas Wreath with a Snowman in the middle.
Price: $80.00
Snowflake Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath with a Snowflake and Snowman in the middle.
Price: $80.00
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