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Ken Davis
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Cost for Apivox Auditor app; $40
918-798-2251 if you have questions.
(We will process your Apivox order once we receive payment and your order form.)
     How much do you know about Beekeeping history? Ever hear of Eddy Woods? No? Ever hear of Serjio Glebbskij? No? Ever hear of Rex Boys? No, not that one either. Ever read "Listen to the Bees", by Rex Boys? No?! Seriously? Then it's time to bring you up to speed in the Beekeeping world. Here's a short over view on how we got here.
     In the middle of WWII, Winston Churchill challenged the British citizens by creating a program called Dig For Victory. Simply put, what personal contribution can you make, to help the war effort? Maybe you could dig your own garden, and produce more vegtables. Resources were stretched and supplies thin. A young Eddy Woods who was already a Beekeepr, decided he would contribute by studying the sounds of Bee hives. He was also in the British Army, as a Communication Speacilist. His contribution was in building the first Apidictor, in order to listen to the inside of the colony. His plans for this initial Apidictor can be found on under the link titled "Build It". In the late 40's, 50's and 60's, listening to the inside of the colony was COMMON PRACTICE in the Beekeeping community. Eddy Woods was successful in predicting Swarm preperations in the colony, BEFORE, the colony decided to leave. This allowed the Beekeeper to take action, and keep more bees at home. (Which most of us would be excited to do also!) Fast forward to today.
     As with many creatures, the Bees have a communication system of their own. It's been this way for hundreds of years. The poor Beekeeper has now become the variable, and not the Bees. The question is, can you understand their language? Likely not. Most beekeepers know colonies can Hiss, Queens can pipe & Workers can do their bee dance. But did you know their are many other sounds that the colony can make in order to communicate? You've likely heard some of these sounds, but not able to interprut their meaning. Colonies can also Warble, Wave, Moan, Crackle, Plead, Quibble and Rip a Quilt. But if you aren't educated in such Bee-language, you are at a sore disatvantage and very much ON YOUR HEELS in your Beekeeping efforts & skills.
     With the advent of the Smart Phone, our world has certainly changed. There are now Apps for nearly every fasit of life, even in the Beekeeping world. But first, let me ask you some questions. What if, you could have a Smart Phone, with such an App, that could tell you when the Bees are about to Swarm? Important? We think so. What if, you could have an App, that could tell you when the colony is ready to accept a new Queen? Important? We think so. What if, you could have an App, that could tell you the General State of the colony and how they feel? Important? Yip! And even more variables that have an importance in our Beekeeping efforts. Does such a device exist? Yes! But is it so complex that I can't understand it either? No!
     Bees bring a very high bar to the Beekeeping game. It's an ongoing challenge to keep up with their intelligence. Maybe this part of Beekeeping isn't for everyone. But then again, they said that about Henry Ford too~! Change is hard. Change makes people THINK. And people don't like to THINK. But if you're willing. And if you're coachable & humble, maybe the Apivox Auditor will open doors for you in your Beekeeping efforts that otherwise were shut tight until now. It will certainly make our efforts easier!!! Why open the hive if you don't have to do so? Our "checks" always seem to entail OPENING of a hive. This is disturbing to the colony, causes undue stress and many times kills a few bees needlessly. Much less to say, labor intensive for the Beekeeper. The Apivox Auditor certainly doesn't REPLACE the Beekeeper. But more importantly, gives us deeper insight into how the colony feels INSIDE their house, WITHOUT us having to always open and check. This alone, is a huge advantage in keeping colonies healthy.
     Below, you'll find various links to videos that Serjio Glebbskij (from Russia), has posted for our understanding and learning. Initially it may seem overwhelming. Keep coming back to view these videos several times. You'll get the hang of it. It's easier than it looks.
A few notes of clarification;
     1) This App is made for Android systems only. Apple is very restrictive in their recording of sounds, etc. iOS Apple phones won't work. Sorry. When's your next upgrade?
     2) You won't find this App in the app store. But I'm sure you'll try anyway.
     3) Cost? $40 currently.
     4) This is a privately developed App. Not tied to Google or Apple.
     5) Only uses 2-3gigs.
     6) Can be used on Tablets or Cell phones, with Android 4.5 or higher.
     7) You can also use Blue Tooth ear piece! Cool uh?
     8) Each app is customized to THAT particular device and your area.
         You won't be able to share with friends. Sorry.
     9) You will be required to open a Gmail acct for delivery.
     10) Fill out the Apivox Auditor Order Form
          Purchase thru our PayPal button above,
          or, make Check payable to & mail to:
Ken Davis
PO Box 1233
Inola, Ok. 74036
We will process your Apivox order once we receive payment and your order form.
     11) If you'd like to learn more, click here;
Who is Serjio Glebbskij? "I studied at the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science. My specialty was control systems. But as a result, I worked as a developer of digital program-controlled systems. Beekeeping, this is my hobby, which was passed to me from my father, and I've been keeping bees for nearly 30 years. But my knowledge was seriously improved after I studied the works of American scientist, in which I found a lot of interesting details. While on the topic of acoutsitc control in general, I have not found better works than made by Eddy Woods in the U.S. and Eskov in Russia."
What's this? This is a Joyo I-mini mic for your Smart Phone. Do you have to have this to run the Apivox Auditor? No, but it sure makes a difference in the readings. This little device enhances the sounds coming out of the hive & into the phone, which gives us a better reading on the Apivox. Comes as packaged in picture below. We typically have these in stock, on site. Cost is $40. + S&H $10 = $50 total. Check with us for availability upon ordering your Apivox Auditor.
Set up details
Set Up of the Apivox Auditor
Internal Mic Set Up on the Apivox
External Mic Set Up on the Apivox
Examples of how to use the Apivox
Serjio testing a colony in Spain.
Using an External mic to run a test.
Serjio is reviewing data after tests of colonies in Spain. Pretty country too!
Are these bees wanting to swarm?
Place mic in entrance to run test of colony.
What's the colony saying to us?
How do they feel?
Once placed in opening, the tests only take about 15 seconds.
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